When Third Eye is active

When your third eye is active

Become aware…

When your Third Eye is active
you have super intelligence

Beyond daily reality

When your two eyes are active
You worry about the external reality

The one we face daily

What are we  going to buy
Who is going to pay

the bank balance becomes reality
because it is externally oriented

What happened to the internal oriented reality?

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When your third eye is active
Eyes of Buddha . Thiksey Gompa. Ladakh, India

Look here !

Eyebrows fleek

Open your eyes!

Welcome to this awesome eyebrows fleek.
A site dedicated to brows and their beauty.

With your help, we will make the best of it!

Best shops on line
And much more…

Find your fleek
Stay on fleek!

Eyebrows fleek, the dream of every women

Wit is in the eye of the beholder.

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Beauty products

Eyebrow shape

Eyebrows shapes

Eyebrow shape

just like eyes
the eybrow has its own shape

Know your type

The arched
The rounded
The straight
The s-shapes
The steep arched

Sounds simple again
Just follow your fleek

Awesome Tutorial Videos on the web

How to determine your type

How to shape natural eyebrows

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Nutrition for Your Skin

Your figure matters too

Eyeshadow do's and don't

Your figure matters too

Whether you are tall
Or small

Or thin

It matters too


And yet rounded
Is more beautiful
Than angled

Be your self

An old recipe for your bowls and line

• 2 tablespoons of honey.
• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.
• 250 ml of water.

Pour boiling water on the cinnamon and let cool.
Add the honey. Drink half of it before going to sleep.
The other half next morning on an empty stomach.

Eat half an apple with the mixture.
You will feel the difference after a week

Tip: Never add the honey when the water is boiling. It spoils its properties.
Ask your doctor or practitionar for advice. This tip does not replace medical advice

An entertaining Video

Breakdance figures: be your self


Probiotics improve your digestive health,
boost your immune system
and help you with weight loss.

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Your type of skin

Baby skin

Does it matter?

Yes !
Skin matters too
Baby face or rimpled


Not to forget
All the anomalies

Skin erruptions

That makes a lot
To think of
And to care for

Today special instrumentation
Can detect your type
And what is needed as remedy

The world of cosmetics
Is one of the most sophisticated
It just needs the right ointment

and remember
your skin is
your biggest organ

take  care of it!

A song

Sesame street: a skin song


Know your skin type

How to buy make-up according to your skin type? 

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Human Hair Mite Demodex Treatment

Baby skin
Baby skin

The colors of an eyebrow

Zebra fleek

The colors of an eyebrow


And even white

I never saw a zebra eyebrow

And yet
They are amazing
Aren’t they?

Nature on fleek
Not just mankind
Animals too

Zebra eyebrows

That would be new fashion. No?

A human eyebrow
like a zebra

Zebra fleek!


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The Art of make-up

The art of make-up

The Art of make-up

Cosmetic paint

Used to accentuate
Or dim the particularities
Of a face

It is as old
As the history of men

Mata Hari
Marilyn Monroe

Used in theater
And pantomime

Yellow ochres

Mixed with water
And oils

Upper classes
Middle classes
Lower classes

Its use has no boundaries
Nor gender

Video Tutorial

Bollywood princess make-up tutorial

Product tips

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Evening make-up

Evening make-up

Mark the day!

An evening make-up
Is different from a day make-up

It needs a different approach
Very often it will be festive as well

Take your time.

Use white shades
They reflect the light

Use glitter
They give a festive note

Make sure to border
It sharpens your face

What is needed?

Remember this simple rule :
Respect your own type
And enhance it

Some videos

Purple Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

How to apply evening makeup

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Evening make-up
Day and night make-up