Shape eyebrows

Shape eyebrows yourself

Shape your own eyebrows!

Now that sounds scary
But is it?

For most of us
It takes time
To find out our type
And what suits us best

Remember the rule of nature

If you respect that
You will shine

What does it mean?

Do not overact
It will be hard to correct

Do not try to be somebody else
You only fool your self

Remember the golden rule
Follow nature and enhance it

Simple isn’t it?

Some eye amazing DIY tutorials

DIY eyebrow shaping

5 minutes to perfect eyebrows

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Shape eyebrows yourself
Make up and cosmetics. Woman depilating eyebrows with tweezers.

Thin or thick eyebrows?

Thick or thin eyebrows

What is best?

There is no rule

Thick or thin
Does not matter

What matters
Is how you feel

And how you enhance
What you have

Easy said?

Tutorial videos

Perfect eyebrows in 3 minutes

Easy totorial for very thin and sparse brows

Eyebrow tutorial for thick brows

Useful products on Amazon

Taipo 3 Stencils Waterproof Eye Brow Stamp Perfect Eyebrow Power Seal Nature Delicate Shape Makeup Fashion Unique Brow Powder for Eyebrows Beginners Busy People (Dark Brown)

e.l.f. Eyebrow Stencil Kit

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Evening make-up

Evening make-up

Mark the day!

An evening make-up
Is different from a day make-up

It needs a different approach
Very often it will be festive as well

Take your time.

Use white shades
They reflect the light

Use glitter
They give a festive note

Make sure to border
It sharpens your face

What is needed?

Remember this simple rule :
Respect your own type
And enhance it

Some videos

Purple Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

How to apply evening makeup

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Evening make-up
Day and night make-up

Hooded eye

Hooded eyes
Hooded eyes
Snowy owl, white with hooded eyes. isolated

Hooded eye

What exactly
Is a hooded eye

As the word suggests
An eye with a hat

They look like cat’s eyes
No eyelid

No distraction
Very piercing

Be happy with your hood
If you have one

Famous hooded eyes

Nicole Kidmann


Make-up video for hooded eyes

Hooded eyes do’s and don’ts


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When Third Eye is active

When your third eye is active

Become aware…

When your Third Eye is active
you have super intelligence

Beyond daily reality

When your two eyes are active
You worry about the external reality

The one we face daily

What are we  going to buy
Who is going to pay

the bank balance becomes reality
because it is externally oriented

What happened to the internal oriented reality?

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When your third eye is active
Eyes of Buddha . Thiksey Gompa. Ladakh, India

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