Lavender gifts

Lavender gifts

Lavender gifts

Lavender, a gift for all seasons!
The fragrance of the sun in oil and seeds

So much can be done with lavender
From soap to herbal tea!

Some gift ideas for the season:
For all events

Some natural Lavender Essential Oil
and blanket sheets from Lavender Fields.

For those who love fragrance:
Vida Essential Oil Diffusers
USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils
Vida Essential oils
and more Essential Oil Blends

A special lavender soap from Dr. Bronner


100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil


Chinese new year gifts

Chinese new year gifts

Chinese new yer gifts

This year
We celebrate
The Year of the rat

A happy New year
And celebrating the Spring Festival
With our Chinese readers





The red envelopes for kids
Money to anchor the year

The most important rule of all:

no arguments, crying, bickering or fights.
It’ll bring bad luck and ruin the mood.

This year we celebrate
With the first sign
Of the Chinese Zodiac

The rat!

the Earthly Branch
the midnight hours

Symbol of wealth and surplus
Clever, quick thinkers and successful
content living a quiet and peaceful life.

And… very fertile !

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