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History Tour de France

History Tour de France

History Tour de France

The Tour de France is one of the most iconic and famous yearly cycling events. But… the historic race began as a publicity stunt for a newspaper!

In 1903, a journalist of the French newspaper L’Auto came up with the idea of a race through France. That would boost sales and defeat competition.

With a length of five weeks, only a few candidates were found. That is were they cut the length to nineteen days to attract more bikers.

The participants were almost exclusively French, with a few from Germany, Sweden and Italy. Among them famous names like Lucien Pothier and Maurice Garin. Many of the cyclists were amateurs attracted by the promise of a daily allowance. Many of them were unemployed or looking for adventure.

Fans were charmed by the scope of the race. And some stages were so long that riders had to keep cycling on into the night…

It was Maurice Garin who took an early lead in the first race. He was the first winner of the Tour de France. He finished over two hours ahead of the others and 64 hours ahead of the last finisher. No time limits then.

Needles to say there was disparity in talent with unorthodox challengers…

This only endeared the Tour de France to those who were already hooked by the massive race.

During the first race, readership of the newspaper L’Auto almost tripled. Mission accomplished. The installment of the Tour de France was a fact. A race that survived and refined over the years.

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Sports and outdoors


History Tour de France
Vendome,France- The French cyclist Thomas Voeckler of Direct Énergie Team riding on a dirty road,Tertre de la Motte, in Vendome, during the first stage of Paris-Nice 2016.


Sports sunglasses

Chopwa - Sports sunglasses

Sports sunglasses

The making of sunglasses goes back to the roman emperor Nero. It is said he used polished light emerald green gems to watch gladiators. The invention of sunglasses was much later.

The first glasses were worn in the twelfth century by Judges in chinese courts. The smoky quartz was used to hide the expression in their eyes.

Italy developped its first glasses in 1430 and by 1600 people realised the benefit for eldery people.

In the mid 18th Century, James Ayscough developed blue and green corrective lenses for correcting optical impairments. The start of a colored view!

The problems for developing glasses were manyfold:
How to keep the glasses on the nose
How to use sidepieces
How to hold the glasses

A long story of trial and error that leaded to our modern glasses.

And it was in 1929 that Sam Foster launched his brand with the first mass-produced sunglasses for walkers on the beaches of Atlantic ity and New Jersey.

Followed in 1930 by Bausch & Lomb who developped sunglasses to reduce high-altitude sun glare for pilots. The military took in! A dark green tint that absorbed light to its yellow spectrum.

Later Edward H. Land invented the Polaroid filter and used it in sunglasses. And Ray Ban applied polarization for his anti-glare sunglasses.

The niche boomed. Everybody wanted sunglasses. Design, fashion and stars developped their own brands.

And people started protecting their eyes from the harmful effects of the Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the sun and the blue light of screen, computers and tablets.

Today many professions have their own protective glasses, from sporters to pilots.

Some keepers!

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Spring, Nature VS Insect Repellents

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Spring, Nature VS Insect Repellents

Most of us see spring as a exceptional season. It is a time for renewal. Everything is fresh and brand new. New baby animals are being born, like fawns and bunnies.

So many colors are springing up with fresh new flowers, beautiful red roses, vibrant violet lavender plants, and many more. Not to mention the eye opening, deep green, new grass. All the wonderful sights and smells makes this a great season to have on this beautiful earth.

Be Cautious

However, just as much as spring is a glorious time it can also be a very annoying time. As there are brand new things being born and springing up there is also those pesky insects and bugs being born and coming out of hiding as well. Bugs and insects like mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, ticks, and even flies.

Being annoying is only one small problem with these types of bugs and insects. The bigger problems with these are they can also carry diseases, like tick fever, Malaria, and even yellow fever. This is why it is so important that in this beautiful season we make sure to take precautions against these insects and bugs.

Now you can always go to your local retail store and buys chemical products to help keep these bugs at bay. You know the usual things like OFF or Citronella candles. But do you realize by buying these type of products you could be doing just as much harm to yourself as these bugs can be doing to you?

I mean stop and think about it for a minute. These products have a horrible smell that comes from all the chemicals they use. And if you have ever used a product like OFF, then you know after using it your skin feels kinda sticky.

Why? Well that is those wonderful chemicals they are using to either kill the bugs or ward them off. Now here is the kicker of it, those chemicals are going into your body! Yes those chemicals are now soaking through your skin and into your system. Hmm right!

Well the Citronella candles you don’t apply to yourself so they can’t be harmful can they? Sorry to say but yes they can still be very harmful. You breathe in the chemicals that it puts off in the air and this is still entering your body.

Some pretty scary thoughts right! I don’t know about you, but for me I have set out to find better ways to fight off these harmful bugs without doing more harm to me. So you want to know what I have found?

Natural Solutions

You can take a deep breathe there is good news! You can fight off these pests in an all natural and safe way. Nature has provided us with several great tools.

Nature’s Tools

  • Lavender plants
  • Vanilla
  • Lemon grass
  • Petunias
  • Marigolds
  • Rosemary
  • Oregano

These are just a small handful of natural plants and flowers that can help fight off bugs like spiders, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

Although most of us thoroughly enjoy the smell of these, bugs and insects often hate the smell and look of these plants. And in the end they have more of a tendency to avoid areas that have these plants/flowers in them.

Don’t have room for flower beds? No worries there! Some of these nature’s tools can also be found in essential oils as well. You can take these oils and spray or apply them to your body as well. And because these are all natural this is completely safe (unless you are allergic, then please do not apply)

That’s right these essential oils can work just as effectively as live plants. Not to mention with the oils you can also pour them in a small container and spread them around the inside of your house to help ward off these harmful and pesky bugs as well.

Which One Will You Choose?

Now that leaves you with making a choice. When spring starts rolling in are you going to go into a retail store and buy one of these products like OFF and Citronella candles? Yes these will help you ward off pesky and dangerous bugs. However, at the same time could be just as harmful if not more so to you.

Or does nature’s way sound more like a better option to you? Not only will you have a glorious looking yard, but you will also free of chemicals and pest free. Better for your health and fabulous smells!

©️ Melissa Hazlett

Eye problems and injuries

Eyebrows fleek

Take care of your eyes!

Eye problems occur more often than thought.
Some warning and solutions to avoid injury are imperative

Kind of injuries

Every year a great number of people get eye injuries.
Some by accident others by abusive use of chemicals and others by intensive screen watching.

Their solutions

Most of the accidents can be avoided with the use of safety eyewear .
And many others can be prevented by following the safety instructions of household products. Too many are still using them in the wrong way with terrible consequences.

Some tips for indoors

– Read the safety rules carefully. Every product has its own.
– Wear chemical safety gloves.
– Do NOT rub your eyes after working with chemicals .
– Wash your hands carefully after handling poison or chemicals and know that some products are a bad match with water.
– Be careful with children around.
– Cover your mouth and nose and use safety glasses with hazardous solvents.
– Store your products in a safe place out of reach of children and heat.
– Work in optimal circumstances with enough light and aeration.
– Be careful when opening taps and vans
– Guard your power equipment
– Be attentive with frying oils in the kitchen, they spurt out. Wear glasses.

Some tips for outdoors

– Do not look into the sun
– Use sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays
– Wear protective eyewear while playing sports or performing outdoor recreational activities
– Be careful with fireworks and experimental science labs
– When aging eyedrops might help your dry eyes

Beware of cvs (computer vision syndrome)

With the incresed use of computers, tablets and mobiles, more and more people are getting eye strains. Youngsters and young adults are most vulnerable.

The symptoms are:
– red and watery eyes for youngsters
– dry eyes for eldery people
– problems with focus
– aching and tired eyelids
– eye muscle spasm
– backache and headache
– Pain above the eyebrows and ear regions

If so do some eye exercise every ten minutes and give some rest in between by closing your eyes. Shield your eyes from blue rays when looking at tv or computer,screens regularly. Focus objects at fifferent distance for several seconds and rotate your eyes slowly in all directions. Give ample rest to the eyes. Glasses with UV shield protect you from computer screen. Keep distance from the monitor.

Extra tips for lens wearers and users of cosmetics

Be careful with the use of cosmetics. Adverse reactions are injury, eye irritation, allergy, dryness, infection, and lens deposition.

– By hypoallergenic cosmetics and especially the non-scented variety, manufactured by big brand names.
– Wash your applicator brushes for cosmetics regularly and do not use them for other purpose.
– Mascara and eye shadows which are glittery, pearlized, frosted should be avoided. They contain ground tinsel or oister shell!
– Never apply eyeliner on the inner lid edge.
– Loose powder should also be avoided.
– Do not apply cream near the eyes.
– Always wash hands while handling contact lens.
– Do not wash your face with contact lens on

Prevention is the best advice.
Be careful. Your eyes are precious.
Nothing can replace them.

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