How to make soap

How to make soap

How to make soap

Long ago my dad offered me a chemical box
And one of the tricks you could do
Was make your own soap

Wow, that sounded exciting

Being in an experimental mood
I remember the boiler exploded in my face
Because I did not read the manual

So… you better be warned
This is not for kids

Daily lavender oil solutions
Nature at its best

The basics

Making soap is a chemical reaction.
You need some ingredients and a method.

The ingredients.

You need oil (or fat) and lye.

First the oil. You can use palm oil, coconut oil, soybean oil and even cocoa butter. Let us take several cups for each type and fill with oil or butter.

Then the lye. Make sure to have it all ready and put it in different cups.

Add fragrance and color.

The methods

There are different ways to make soap.
And each method has its own fans.

The easiest one is the Melt and Pour process. Melt pre-made blocks of soap and add your own fragrance. Lavender officinalis in our case .

The most common method is the Cold Process. Soap is made from scratch with oils and lye.

Then the hot process (the one I used in my experiment as a kid) were the ingredients are heated … Just beware it is a chemical and thus dangerous process. Make sure to protect your eyes when using this method. And… follow the order of instructions… uh!

And finally, the Rebatching. A method where bars of soap are grinded with milk or water, and re-blended.

Sounds easy, no?


How to make soap
How to make soap, a course

Combine lye water and oils, eventually you can replace water with milk and use some natural oils and colorants on top of it. Use one of the four methods at your convenience.

For those who are really hooked, I suggest you follow a course with the hot method.

The Hot Soap Making course is a Complete Guide. Unlike The More Traditional Way Of Making Handmade Soap, This Is A Faster, Easier And More Predictable Way To Make Soap. The course includes 60+ Photos with 6 Bonuses Including Video.

Good to know

What is saponification ?

A video

How to make soap at home


You will find many tutorials and recipes on the net. One of my favorite blogs is the 22 basic soap making recipes.

To your success!

Daily lavender oil solutions
Daily lavender oil solutions… more than soap…

Thank you for sharing your links and other methods or recipes

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Aromatherapy oils guide

Daily lavender oil solutions

Aromatherapy oils guide

Aromatherapy oils are great, once you know how to use them.

We are different. There is no one way solution. Your skin, your body, your taste will soon guide you to those oils that suite you best. Essential oils can enhance your life in many ways. Fragrance is perhaps the most important one.

Daily lavender oil solutions

This is my top 10 advice.

1. If you can, join an aromatherapy course. Go for it. You will not regret it. And it will save you time and money.

The essential oil academy

Or join a classical education.

If you are not sure this is for you. Do some research .

2. The internet provides you with a lot of information for free. There are plenty of excellent resources. Be a critical reader. Check your sources. Do not jump into it. Take time to gather some information

Social media has many excellent publishers too.

Corked Portable Aromatherapy

3. Do not be afraid to buy a good book. They are great references for later. You can go from starter to advanced reader.

Some of my favorites:

Lavender essential oil

Lavender, an aromatherapy coloring book

Lovely lavender

Advanced aromatherapy

The healing intelligence of essential oils

Once you have done your research and learned about aromatherapy, it is time to focus on buying oils of your choice. Lavender should be one of them. Of course. It is the queen among essential oils.

4. Go for 3 to 5 oils to start with and buy together with Carrier Oils. Mixing essential oil and carrier oil gives a great result. A great cosmic carrier is argon oil. Together with lavender it is excellent for soothing muscles. The essence is in quality, not quantity. In studying the different oils, you will soon be guided by your own choices.

Click the picture to discover my favorite trio:

Set of 3 Oils: Peppermint, Lavender and Frankincense

5. Stay away from synthetic cheap products. They will make you sick. Go for organic certified brands. Make sure to buy unadulterated essential oils. 100% Pure Essential Oils. And yes, they come with a cost. Buy small quantities.

Once you have bought your oils. Be careful.

Daily lavender oil solutions

6. Best is to store in a dark place and to keep the lids tightly closed. Heat and warmth should be avoided. Make sure to keep out of reach of children.

7. Do the patch test before using. Essential oils can cause allergy. Always perform a skin test on your wrist. And in case of reaction, wash away.

8. Never use on children or pets. To clean the air, use other solutions like a good air purifier

9. Never ingest essential oils. Some are toxic, others interfere with medical prescriptions. Go for good food supplements. And seek advice of a nutritionist or doctor first.

10 . And last but not least, in case of health issues always check with your doctor. Information on this site is not a medical advice.

Once familiar with the basics, you will want to learn more. Be not afraid to join an aromatheraphy course.

The essential oil academy

Kindly comment. Thank you

Stress massage techniques

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Stress massage techniques

Vitamin C Serum

Or how too give a soothing massage…

Massage relieves stress. Massage relieves tension.
Given with the right massage oils people get renewed energy.

Some clues for a relaxing massage

1. The first clue is the massage oil. Some will use a Carrier Oil with some lavender or pine. There are as many possibilities as Essential Oil Blends. Follow your nose. Make it yours. And remember, every skin is different and reacts differently. What goes fo one does not go for another. Seek your fragrance, and yes, it has not to be lavender. Although it has a very relaxing and soothing effect

2. The second clue is a peaceful environment. Create the right atmosphere and ambiance. Some need the privacy of closed curtains and candle light. Others will prefer lovely background music.

3. The third clue is a relaxing place like the ground or a massaging bed. Make it comfortable for both. Some need support in their neck, hips or knees.

4. The fourth clue is respect. People have to undress. Best is to ask them to lie down in their underwear. Make sure to keep them warm with an extra blanket.

5. The fifth clue is the direction of your massage. Best is to work from right to left, which means working from the right. Know that some will prefer clockwise. That means sitting on the left. And some will like an alternate. Respect your own comfortzone. Massage is relaxing, not stressing.

6. The sixth clue are your hands. Make sure they are not cold, nor wet.

7. The seventh clue is the massage. Always work towards the heart with smooth and gentle pressure. Work inwards, then outwards. Listen to the signals of the muscles and the body.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Massage of the legs

Best is to start with the right leg and to knead the leg from bottom to top and to slide down again. Once done, proceed with the left leg.

Massage of the back

Once done with the legs, work on the back. Place yourself at the head facing the legs. Use your flat hands to smoothly slide from head to bottom. Keep each hand close to the spine. Slide over the edge of the bottom to the side. Move on the sides upwards just underneath the scapulas. Then slide back and come back up to the beginning of the shoulders.

Move over to one side and use your left hand to make a full circle on their back. With your right hand, make a half circle beginning away from your left goin right. Go slowly, smoothly and sensitively. Start at the bottom of the back, move up to the shoulders and slide down the back.

Massage of the arms

Follow the same procedure as the legs.

Massage of the front.

Once the person lies down on their back. Follow the steps taken to massage the legs. Then massage the arms. Always work in the same order.

Massage of the face

Stand behind the head of the person. Rub your hands to warm them up. Place them a palm above the eyes of the person for a minute . Never touch or cover the eyes. Move your thumbs from between the eyebrows to the hair basis, back to the basis of the ear, the basis of the nose, the cheeks, the upper and lower lip. And in a circular movement back to the basis of the hair.

8. The secret of a soothing massage lays in the pressure of your hands. Be ready to respond to the signals of the massaged person, so they get the best out of what you are giving them. Be not afraid to communicate about it. In a gentle, relaxed way.

9. End the massage in a relaxed way too. Give the person time and privacy to dress up in peace.

10. Wash your hands before treating another person.


1. Another way to relax is to find something creative, like photography

60% Off $24.98 Now

2. Pain can be a source of stress. A cushion Can help . Make sure to be seated well.

3. Food improves your well being. Make sure to eat right!

Thank you for reading.
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About Cathy

daily lavender oil solutions

Hi Everyone,  Massage is my passion and lavender oil is a tool I used to enhance a sense of calm and peace in my clients.

A Brief Story About My Massage Life

I enjoy helping people relax. Over the years my health issues grew and I noticed a continual problem that affected my clients. Realizing that many folks have time concerns and struggle with the costs of weekly massages I took action and made a career change.
Daily lavender oil solution
Since I used lavender oil in my practice and saw the positive impact it had on my massage clients I focused on this direction. This gave birth to a new path where I could still meet the health and wellness needs of most folks.

My goal to promote lavender oil was born and is my way to make a difference in the lives of people.

Touch Is The Essence In Which Our Hearts Are Conveyed

My objective is I care about meeting the health and wellness needs of people. I believe the beauty of this versatile is truly amazing because it gives a sense of calm and peace in most folks.

Its sweet scent can fill your day with relaxation and wonder when added into cleaning products for the home or in your cloths. It is cost effective and time efficient and can be used anywhere.

Lavender oil is simply the best all in one oil. This my way to touch the lives of people and make a contribution that brings relaxation to the world.
Daily lavender oil solutions

They Say If You Have Your Health, You’ve Got It All

No one can put a price on living with a sense of calm and peace. My goal is to ease your mind, so you can succeed and experience the calm and peace that lavender oil gives to you.

My promise to you is to help anyone learn to relax and enjoy life through the daily use of lavender oil. I hope that lavender oil exceeds your expectations, so you can live a happy and fulfilled life.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


How to plant lavender

How to plant lavender

How to plant lavender

How to plant Lavender

According to David Salaman, founder and chief horticulturist at High Country Gardens, lavenders are some of America’s best herbal shrubs for the Waterwise garden.

They provide us with beautiful spring and summer flowers, are excellent for attracting pollinators, and provide us with the wonderful, relaxing aroma of their flowers and foliage.

The main types of lavenders are the Spanish lavender, the English lavender, and the French hybrid lavender. They all have a place in the garden.

Spanish lavenders are best for mild winter climates. They’re hardy to roughly zone 7, mostly zone 8 and warmer.

French hybrid lavenders are hardy down to zone 6.

The most cold-hardy are the English lavenders and, the most widely-planted across the country.

How to plant lavender?

Remove the lavender plants from their shipping pots. Start with loosening the root ball from the sides of the pots by just gently squeezing the sides. You can push up from the bottom. Don’t grab them by the hair and pull them out of the pot because that can cause some damage. Instead, gently put your fingers across the top of the soil, turn the pot upside down, and gently lift the pot off. Sometimes you have to push down on the bottom a little bit.

Loosen it a little more and gently lift the pot off of the root ball. Now, to prepare the roots for planting, it’s very important to scratch them out, physically cutting through the roots. Where you cut a root, where there’s one cut, you’ll get two or three new roots so it’s a very beneficial thing to do so don’t be afraid. You can use the corner of a tag or a pocket knife and you want to make a series of vertical, quarter inch deep cuts on the sides of the pots, particularly the corners. Run it right down the corner. Cut those roots. Come to the bottom, you can see a nice mat of roots on the bottom so you want to do a crosshatch because if you don’t do this, the roots are going to hold the shape of the pot and the plant really won’t grow out into the surrounding soil and will tend to be stunted. Now just gently, with your fingertips, rough out the sides of the root ball so it has a fuzzy look.

It’s ready to plant in a previously prepared hole with the equivalent soil amendments. Place the plant down in the hole. In the Western United States or arid climates, plant slightly deeper than the surrounding soil. In moister climates east of the Mississippi, you want to plant level with the surrounding soil. Gently fill in with the amended backfill. With the tips of your fingers or your trowel, just gently firm the soil into place with the additional soil. Make a well, or a saucer, around the plant to hold the irrigation water. Proper watering and irrigation after transplanting is just essential to overall transplanting success. So here we have a nice saucer that will hold a decent amount of water.

The tag is not only good for scratching out the roots but it will identify the plants that you’re putting into the garden so include those in the hole. Just stick it into the side.

Remember this:

The French hybrid lavenders are summer bloomers. The more cold hardy English lavenders, are generally late-spring and early-summer blooming. So by planting both English lavenders and the French hybrids, you can have 8 to 10 weeks of blooming lavender plants out in your garden. Utilize them both.

If you’re in a milder climate, the Spanish lavenders bloom very early and, generally, you won’t use them in most places where you plant the English and French hybrid varieties. In terms of plant care on your lavenders, water regularly. A good, deep soaking. Fill the little saucer, or well, twice every time you water and do this one to three times a week depending on the daytime highs.

Lavender is very sensitive to not enough water so you want to be sure that you soak them thoroughly when you do water and do this right through the first growing season. You can plant lavenders in spring and fall but in zone 5 climates, I generally recommend sticking to a spring schedule for your lavender plantings and when pruning, do not fall prune. You want to let the lavender stand over the winter and then come back in mid-spring. You wait until they start to wake up a little and you see a little bit of green along the stem and then you do your mid-spring pruning. You can deadhead the plants during the summer growing season and that’s desirable but, again, do not prune hard in the fall because that will weaken the lavender plants and might prevent them from coming through the winter in good shape.

The biggest mistake in planting lavenders is basically not watering them enough. So water thoroughly and watch the color of the plants. If they get a little pale and yellow, you may be watering a little too much but, in general, when the weather is hot, they’re a thirsty plant that first growing season.

Source: This text is a transcript of a beautiful video on how to plant lavender. It provides you at the same time with a great provider of English and French lavender plants.

Some useful links to start with

New to gardening start here

How to attract bees in your garden

Planting guides

View or Download the Planting Guide for Perennials & Bulbs (pdf) 

Planting Guides: Soil Preparation

I hope you enjoyed this transcript.

Let me know your favorite lavender plants, how to plant them and also where you find them. Thank you!

Lavender-Natures Way To Better Sleep!

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Lavender-Natures Way To Better Sleep!

Lavender, Mother Natures way of helping you to a better nights sleep. Each day we find out more and more ways that we can benefit health wise from lavender. Well I would like to add one more great way! And that is to help you with your sleep.Bottle with lavender

It makes sense if you look at it. Lavender help you to relax and soothes you. So if you incorporate lavender into your into your nightly routine, you can begin to relax before you go to bed. Why stop there? You can also use it in your pillows to help keep you in this stress free mode to ease into sleep and get a restful nights sleep.

As we are discovering the many relaxation benefits that lavender offers, companies are now coming up with all kinds of new ideas to incorporate lavender in them. So how about I help guide you through some of these ideas that can lead you into a more restful and relaxed sleep.

Start With Bath Time

Soaking in a nice, hot, steamy bath at the end of a long strenuous day can be one of the most rewarding feelings. The hot water soaking into your painfully sore body, releasing all of the tension knots. Allowing your body to go into a relaxed state.

But, what about your mind? Is it still running a million miles a minute, filled with stress? This is the first place lavender can play a huge roll. If you take and add either some lavender natural salt crystals or even a couple drops of lavender oil, in your bath water it will begin to work its magic.

Since lavender offers a sense of calmness and relaxation, the smell will rise up and begin to help your mind slow down and help release all of this overwhelming stress. It will also help with the soreness and aches as well. How does this work? Well it is similar to the smell, but in this case its natural remedies with soak through your skin, causing the same relaxation benefit as it does with your mind.

Doesn’t this sound like a magnificent first step to a better, less stressful nights sleep? Stick around there are more steps to make sure you are getting the full benefit!


Candles Can Also Help

Candles are fabulous! They have so many helpful benefits. You can use a candle to create any smell in your home from apples to cotton candy. Now most of the time we do use candles to provide an inviting aroma into our homes, but did you know if you use lavender candles it can also create a wonderful smell and offer a sense of peace as well?

That’s right lavender candles! Such a pleasant and slightly sweet smell. But how can this help you relax and get a better nights sleep? Well you can set one of these amazing lavender candles in your bathroom while you are soaking. Then you can also add one to your bedroom.

Candles alone cant set a great ambiance to any room. However, if it lavender candles this also adds the soothing benefit. Ultimately creating a soothing atmosphere with a natural stress reliever from lavender.

So after you get done soaking in the nice hot bath with lavender candles and oils/salts you should see some great strides in becoming more relaxed for bed time. Don’t stop there go ahead and one of these elegant candles to your bedroom as well. This way you can keep a smooth flow of lavender from your bath to bedroom.

Organic Lavender Pillows

Now for the final touch so that you can experience this wonderful and relaxing sleep I am describing. The final step is to have an organic style pillow. If you are asking what that is hold on I will explain it for you.

Okay so an organic pillow is a pillow that has a pouch sewed into it and you can take natural ground up lavender place it in this pouch and it will slowly release the lavender scent through out the whole night. So all you have to do is sleep and let the lavender work its magic.

Can you imagine having the wonderful benefits throughout the night? A soft sweet scent easing and melting all of life’s stress away. And you can control how strong or soft you want the scent to be, by simply adding less or more lavender into this pouch.

So go ahead and crawl in bed and let the aroma from the lavender candles soak in. Then slowly and gently slide into your nice comfy bed, lay your head down on that sweet smelling pillow and have sweet peaceful dreams, and an amazing nights sleep.


Bed Time With Lavender

We all deal with so much stress in our lives today. But the great news is there are ways to wash all of these stresses away. And you can do it naturally with different lavender products. These lavender products like natural oils and candles are designed to help ease your life’s difficulties. If used right they can also benefit you in a great nights sleep.

I am happy to have you here. I really hope I have provided you some great suggestions to getting a better nights sleep with lavender products. If you would like to leave some of your amazing experiences while using lavender products, it would be fantastic. Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a blessed day!

Lavender A Sturdy Plant Made Of Sweet Oil

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Lavender A Sturdy Plant Made Of Sweet Oil

Most of us strive to experience a sense of calm through the day. Lavender oil gives us a natural way to experience this calm through its sweet scent. My article explains the journey of this amazing plant. I focus on the varieties and components that make up this beautiful plant.Lavender A Sturdy Plant

I walk you through the differences between lavender scented products and lavender oil products so you can make an informed decision that will best meet your health and wellness needs.  A good company that offers lavender oil is

Lavender A Short Story, History In Progress

This two thousand year old sturdy four foot plant is grown in the warm area’s of France and Spain. The bluish gray flowers grows upward from woody branches. The word lavender is broken down this way lava re means to wash and livendulo means livid or bluish.

Lavender plants naturally produce their essential oil in the plant structure. This is found in the minuscule little sacs with in the plant. A lavender scent fills the whole plant from its flowers blooms, leaves, stems, to its roots.

Distilling Lavender OilLavender A Sturdy Plant

Lavender oil is extracted using a steam distillation process. This is done by placing large quantities of the plants materials in a massive container of water. This mixture is brought to a boil and steam is produced.

The volatile or plant oil gases are carried through a cooler where it condenses. This liquid is made up of plant oils and water is collected.

The essential oils are floating on top of the water creating a film that is then separated. The water and oil that remains is the finished product.

This is the safest of all the distilled oil processes and is the most popular method used for extracting lavender oil. The distilled oil must be aged for several months before being sold.

The Make Up Of Lavender Oil 

  • Key tones have mocolyic properties that benefit in skin regeneration and healing. This can reduce old scar tissue such as stretch marks, adhesions and wounds. High key tones can be toxic and care should be used when pregnant.
  • Monterpene alcohols components have many properties such as antiviral, anti fungal, anti septic that can boost one’s mood, is energizing and has few side effects.
  •  Esters have anti spasmodic properties and acts as a sedative to calm nerves. It is formed from acids and alcohol. Esters are very fragrant and can be used with great ease.
  •  Aldehydes have anti fungal, anti inflammatory properties. It acts as a disinfectant and a sedative.  It can be a tool to boost one’s mood and ease joint pain. High aldehydes can cause skin irritation.

A Plant Of Beauty, Four Unique Blessingsdaily lavender oil solutions

Essential oils have a long list of beneficial properties. These are the only pure natural oils that contains the beneficial volatile compounds meaning that it turns to gas quickly and the oil comes directly from the plant.  Plant therapy .com offers an excellent lavender oil product.

Four Kinds Of Essential Oil

  •  English essential oil – is an angustifoluias that makes up almost all lavender essential oil. It has many useful benefits found in its forty different types.
  •  French essential oil – originated in Spain and is simply an English variety grown on France soil. The flowers scent is mixed with a little camphor odor. It has a pineapple shape flower head and has narrow coarser leaves.
  •  Oil of spike – is grown is the lower altitudes of Spain and France. It contains a higher oil content because of the coarser leaves and foliage. Used for perfumes and in laundry products and soaps and cleaners. It is not as sweet smelling as true lavender, because  its chemical make up has more oxide molecules, it is more stimulating than other types of lavenders.
  • Lavandin essential oil – is produced from hybrids know as lavandins, this produces a cross between English and oil of spike. Because of its cross-breeding it can grow in many regions.

Lavender’s Little Secret, A Final Decision

It is best to use caution when purchasing essential oils because the effects are significant between productsDaily Lavender Oil Solutions


Synthetic Or Pure

The lavender scented oil product is based on a synthetic scent oil meaning that its fragrance is made by a chemist in a lab and does not have the molecular structure as a true lavender plant. It does not offer the same benefits as a true lavender oil product.

A lavender oil product is pure, it scents comes directly from the plant. It is the safest of all the essential oils that are steam distilled and the most popular oil. The oils are volatile, the scent is taken directly from the plant.

A Sturdy Plant, That Can’t Be Beat

Persistence market research study found that consumer demand for personal care and therapeutic use of lavender oil is expected to propel globally from 2018 to 2024.

A Continual Path Of SuccessDaily Lavender Oil Solutions

Making market strides especially in Europe this growing industry is a refection that signifies the beauty of this all in one oil and its amazing benefits in meeting the health and wellness needs of people around the world.

The Choice Is Yours, Be The Best You Can Be

They say giant gifts come in small packages. This sturdy plant is small but has made its mark in the world. My goal is to present some facts and information about lavender oil and its plant.

My objective is to promote lavender oil so that you can succeed in making the best decision that meets your health and wellness needs.  My hope is that you reap the blessings of lavender oil. can meet all your lavender oil needs.

Live Your Dream  !!!

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Spring, Nature VS Insect Repellents

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Spring, Nature VS Insect Repellents

Most of us see spring as a exceptional season. It is a time for renewal. Everything is fresh and brand new. New baby animals are being born, like fawns and bunnies.

So many colors are springing up with fresh new flowers, beautiful red roses, vibrant violet lavender plants, and many more. Not to mention the eye opening, deep green, new grass. All the wonderful sights and smells makes this a great season to have on this beautiful earth.

Be Cautious

However, just as much as spring is a glorious time it can also be a very annoying time. As there are brand new things being born and springing up there is also those pesky insects and bugs being born and coming out of hiding as well. Bugs and insects like mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, ticks, and even flies.

Being annoying is only one small problem with these types of bugs and insects. The bigger problems with these are they can also carry diseases, like tick fever, Malaria, and even yellow fever. This is why it is so important that in this beautiful season we make sure to take precautions against these insects and bugs.

Now you can always go to your local retail store and buys chemical products to help keep these bugs at bay. You know the usual things like OFF or Citronella candles. But do you realize by buying these type of products you could be doing just as much harm to yourself as these bugs can be doing to you?

I mean stop and think about it for a minute. These products have a horrible smell that comes from all the chemicals they use. And if you have ever used a product like OFF, then you know after using it your skin feels kinda sticky.

Why? Well that is those wonderful chemicals they are using to either kill the bugs or ward them off. Now here is the kicker of it, those chemicals are going into your body! Yes those chemicals are now soaking through your skin and into your system. Hmm right!

Well the Citronella candles you don’t apply to yourself so they can’t be harmful can they? Sorry to say but yes they can still be very harmful. You breathe in the chemicals that it puts off in the air and this is still entering your body.

Some pretty scary thoughts right! I don’t know about you, but for me I have set out to find better ways to fight off these harmful bugs without doing more harm to me. So you want to know what I have found?

Natural Solutions

You can take a deep breathe there is good news! You can fight off these pests in an all natural and safe way. Nature has provided us with several great tools.

Nature’s Tools

  • Lavender plants
  • Vanilla
  • Lemon grass
  • Petunias
  • Marigolds
  • Rosemary
  • Oregano

These are just a small handful of natural plants and flowers that can help fight off bugs like spiders, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

Although most of us thoroughly enjoy the smell of these, bugs and insects often hate the smell and look of these plants. And in the end they have more of a tendency to avoid areas that have these plants/flowers in them.

Don’t have room for flower beds? No worries there! Some of these nature’s tools can also be found in essential oils as well. You can take these oils and spray or apply them to your body as well. And because these are all natural this is completely safe (unless you are allergic, then please do not apply)

That’s right these essential oils can work just as effectively as live plants. Not to mention with the oils you can also pour them in a small container and spread them around the inside of your house to help ward off these harmful and pesky bugs as well.

Which One Will You Choose?

Now that leaves you with making a choice. When spring starts rolling in are you going to go into a retail store and buy one of these products like OFF and Citronella candles? Yes these will help you ward off pesky and dangerous bugs. However, at the same time could be just as harmful if not more so to you.

Or does nature’s way sound more like a better option to you? Not only will you have a glorious looking yard, but you will also free of chemicals and pest free. Better for your health and fabulous smells!

©️ Melissa Hazlett

Make Lavender Oil With Joy And Ease Simple Steps To Success

Daily Lavender OIl Solutions

Make Lavender Oil With Joy And Ease Simple Steps To Success

Most folks enjoy making lavender oil, this do it your self attitude is the foundation that builds confidence, self-esteem and inner strength. My article presents an easy way to make this sweet oil. I walk you through four simple steps that lead to a successful finished product. An achievement that you can take pride, knowing this sweet fragrance was make by your loving hands.

Ingredients And Supplies, A Path Made Easy

This journey with will be made easy when these supplies and ingredients are in hand from the start.

Supplies needed for your success.

  •  One large mason or glass jar with lid that is clean and dry.
  • two large blue or amber colored jars with a lid, or a glass jar with lid that is clean and dry. The colored jars are excellent because they help the properties expand when you store the finished product.
  • One crock pot, scissors, string or rubber bands or a clean cloth.
  • One muslin or cheese cloth or a fine mesh strainer.

Ingredients needed to make a sweet oil.

  • Dry lavender flowers are best to use and can will be brought in a store.
  • The second option is fresh lavender flowers that grow in a garden. It is important to gather as may fresh flowers as you can.
  • Oils that will be used to infuse with the lavender flowers. Grape seed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil and olive oil.

Step 1 Cutting The Lavender Flower, A Choice Dried Or Fresh

A road to success,

Choice Dried Flowers.

  •  Using scissors cut stems and flowers 6 inches long including the leaves.
  • Place cut lavender into a clean and dry mason or glass jar and press the flowers down.
  •  Proceed to step 2

Choice Fresh Flowers.

  •  Using scissors cut stem and flower 6 inches long including the leaves.
  • Drying the Fresh Lavender Flowers Using a string or rubber bands tie stems and flowers into a bundle.
  • Next the hang bundles upside down in a warm, dry area.
  • Dry bundled flowers for 3 to 6 weeks.
  • You can also wrap bundled flowers and in a cloth and place them in a warm dry area for 3 to six weeks.
  • When bundles of lavender flowers are completely dry crush leaves and break stems and flowers into a clean, dry mason or glass jar.
  • Proceed to step 2.

Step 2 Pouring The Oil, A Choice Cold Infused Or Crock Pot

Making a sweet fragrance.

Choice Cold Infused.

  • Pour oil (oil olive) into mason jar so that the oil completely covers the lavender flowers and stems.
  • Leave 1 inch space of oil from the lid to allow the oil to expand.
  • Tightly seal the lid on the jar.
  • Soak the jar of lavender in sunlight for three to six weeks.
  • Gently shake the jar each day so that the oil and lavender mix well.
  • Proceed to step 3.

Choice Crock Pot Method.

  • Put the dry, cut lavender flowers into a crock pot.
  • Next the fill the crock pot with 1/2 cup lavender flowers, stems and leaves to 1 cup oil.
  • Next the set crock pot on low for three hours.
  • Proceed to step 3.

Step 3 Strain Oil, A Choice Fine Mesh Strainer Or Muslin Cloth

A light at the end of the tunnel.

Choice Fine Mesh Strainer.

  • Strain oil into a clean, dry blue or amber bottle or a clear glass jar.
  • Tightly seal the lid.
  • Store finished oil in a dark, cool area to help preserve healthy properties of your home made oil.
  • Your oil can be stored for one year.

Choice Muslin or Cheese Cloth.

  • Cover top of jar with muslin or cheese cloth.
  •  Strain the oil into a clean, dry amber or blue colored bottle or clear glass jar.
  • Squeeze out all the oil from the muslin or cheese cloth into the jar.
  • Than add plant material into jar.
  • Repeat this process 2 to 3 times.
  • Tightly seal the lid.
  • Store the finished oil in a dark, cool area to help preserve the healthful properties in your home made oil.
  • Your oil can be stored for one year.

Congratulations your oil is finished.  A job well done !!!

They Say, How Sweet It IsTo Stand On The Edge Of Tomorrow

My goal is to promote lavender oil and improve the quality of life for people around the world through its daily use. My mission is to present an easy step by step process to follow so that you achieve success, making a great home made oil.

You have the tools to use your key to experience and enjoy the rich blessings that lavender oil can give to you.


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