Photography Travel Tours

Photography Travel Tours


Daily tours to the Dead Sea

Photography Travel Tours

Great tours
Were once the privilege
Of a few

Nowadays everybody
Can travel
All over the world

And for those
Seeking to make great pictures
Rare opportunities everywhere

Suggestion for photographers

Lens Captions


Kindly share your travel destinations and great findings. Thank you!


Photography Travel Tours
The beauty of natural parks, this one in Canielles Petites – Spain


Japanese samurai swords knifes and gemstones

Japanese samurai swords knifes and gemstones

Japanese samurai swords, knifes and gemstones

We all know the samurai sword or heard of it.
Its exquisite quality. The care it is given.
Its legendary beauty

Less known are the Japanese gemstones and knifes
All natural and thus expensive beauty.
Just like the swords.

Japanese treasure their heirloom.
And their love for jewelry shows
through special occasions

Products to be taken care of
with extreme caution and precision too.
The art of craftsmanship at its best.

Some rules for Japanese gemstones

  1. Do not throw your jewels on a heap. Keep them separated and respect their composition to avoid scratches. Be careful with diamonds, they scratch other gems easily, like pearls. Have a special box with labels or wrap them in cotton and store individually.
  2. A day jewel and a night jewel need different care. Day jewels need water and light to keep brilliance. Aerate them at least once a year. Rinse with water and a soft towel. Expose them to gentle light. Surprising no? But… some gemstones are meant to shine at night. Keep those away from sunlight… so know your gem and when to wear it.
  3. Never use cleaning chemicals or scrubbing brushes. They will damage your gems. Never use pressure on them.
  4. Remove your jewels when working in the garden, swimming or cleaning. Also when washing your hands. Especially when using chemicals. They will harm sensitive jewelries.
  5. When dressing up, put on your jewels last.
  6. Stretch beaded gemstones.
  7. Store your jewels after use in a safe place.

And remember chemicals are to be banned at all costs!

Some suggestions

The Japanese white Akoya pearl
Jasper beaded necklace for men

Some famous swords

43″ Takemoto hand forge samurai sword

TAKA (HAWK)- SkyJiro Forge Japanese Samurai Katana Sword

KOKORO (Mind, Heart & Spirit)- SkyJiro Forge Japanese Samurai Katana Sword

Japanese kitchen knifes


Guresuten Japanese knives Yanagiha GH Y 1273 (27cm) thick 3mm black red octagonal pattern

A real treasure and investment!


Thank you for shopping chopwa!

Japanese samurai swords knifes and gemstones
The power of Tradition