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Chinese new year gifts

Chinese new year gifts, a red envelope filled with best wishes for health, prosperity and well being.
Prosperity and health

Chinese new year gifts

This year
We celebrate
The Year of the Dragon

A symbol of courage, creativity, and innovation
A year full of possibilities and opportunities.

The Yang Wood on Dragon,
The Jia Chen 甲辰 in Chinese.

The fixed element of the Dragon (Chen) is Earth (Wu 戊)
stability, honesty and loyalty.

The variable element of the Dragon is Yang Wood, or Jia 甲
growth, creativity and flexibility.

New Year falls on Februari 10
A Saturday

and will last to February 24th
A Wednesday

from the Lunar New Year’s Eve
to the sixth day of the first lunar month

Let us celebrate the Spring Festival
With our Chinese readers





The red envelopes for kids
Money to anchor the year

The most important rule of all:

no arguments, crying, bickering or fights.
It’ll bring bad luck and ruins the moods

This year we celebrate
With the fifth sign
Of the Chinese Zodiac

The dragon!

A sacred oak that grounds itself
rooting firmly and growing tall
reaching for the heavens

The Dragon represents Yang energy
Time for us to ground ourselves, reflect, and grow

Cultivate new beginnings !


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