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Eureka, I found my bag and best way to use it!

Eureka, I found my bag and best way to use it!
Eureka, I found my bag and best way to use it!

Eureka, I found my bag and best way to use it!

In a world of zippers that refuse to zip,
And bags that act like a circus trip,
I set out on a quest, a bag in tow,
To find the one that wouldn’t make me go, “Oh no!

Through hallways I stumbled, straps all askew,
My bag’s antics were a sight to view,
It leaned left and right, a wobbly dance,
I looked like I was practicing for a baggy ballet chance.

One fateful day, a strap said goodbye,
With a snap and a wave, it soared to the sky,
I clung to the other, like a bag-toting champ,
While my classmates applauded my impromptu bag ramp.

Then came YouTube, my savior in need,
With videos on bag wisdom, I would finally succeed,
I learned the ways of padded straps and fit so snug,
My bag transformation was ready to be debugged.

Eureka! I cried, as my new bag embraced me,
Ergonomic design, oh how it amazed me,
Compartments aplenty, organized and neat,
I’d finally found my bag, my victory sweet.

No more zipper showdowns or leaning waltz,
No more strap rebellion or bag-related faults,
I walked the halls with pride and grace,
A bag genius, a smile on my face.

So here’s to the journey of laughs and errors,
To bags that rebelled and straps that were terrors,
With wisdom I gained, and lessons in tow,
I found my bag nirvana, and now I glow!

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Source AItrot & Open AI’s chatGPT-3 Language Model – Images Picsart & MIB – ©️ Chopwa

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