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Eye Shapes matter

Eye shapes matter for styling and makeup. Brows enhancing your face with the right touch
eyes shapes matter a lot. Know yours!

Eye Shapes matter

Eye shapes ?

Know your type
Know your style

Shapes and eyes
Come in many shades

And makeup
Goes accordingly

What goes for one
Does not go for an other

What is your shape?

Test the shape of your eye

Determine your eye shape

Art Video

Eye shape geometry by Dearing Wang. Another approach to art and styling. An eye opener for beauty and shapes. Make sure to like and subscribe to this genius one…

Shop Corner

Eye Shapes on Amazon

Remember the fleek of eye shape!

The shape of an eye comes with form, geometry and color. It is a determinant factor in make-up and your eyebrows will be shaped accordingly.

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6 thoughts on “Eye Shapes matter”

  1. I never realized how much shape and size of an eye really mattered until later in life and not for me but actually for my wife.  I looked at her not so long ago and how she did her makeup and couldnt believe how beautiful her eyes looked.This article did a lot to show me how important eyes are and I dont mean just for seeing.Dale

    1. Morning Dale!

      You hit the nail! Eyes are not only important for seeing. Also to be seen. And dressing up an eye is an art that acquires with time and patience. This site was inspired by all fleeky beauty practitioners… and to see the beauty captured wIth a perfect eyeliner or eyeshadow is thrilling indeed. 

      Thank you for sharing


  2. This stuff is life changing!  I was suspicious at first, wondering what the importance of eye shape would be to how I’ve been applying my eye makeup.  But I see now how crucial it is to know this stuff so that you apply your shade to suit the contours of the shape of your eyes.  I think I might have an Almond eye, but I’m a little unsure because it could also be Hooded.  I’ve gone through a few of your videos and I’ve found that the hooded eye application looks best for me.  I absolutely love the smokey eye look and have never been able to achieve it.  It always ends up looking like I’ve been punched in the eye when I have tried previously. Any suggestions for someone with my eye type and where I might be going wrong?

    1. Yes Rachael, knowing your shape is very important indeed. Dressing up an eye is like dressing up your body. It takes time to know what fits you best. And know that you have combinations also. Which you found out, all by yourself! 

      As for the smokey eye… know that oil is the best way to fix it. In your case, go for charcoal combined with argan oil. Make sure however, to apply gently. A little touch and then… just gently spread. Use an eyeliner as finishing touch. Or go classic and … Look here


  3. This is a great and simple to follow guide on how to know the shape of your eyes.

    You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for me because I am just getting to know there are different types of eyes.After running a test of shape of eye, I discovered mine is upturned eyes; This is an eye opener for me as I never knew something of this nature exist. Thanks for letting me know the importance of eyes.

    Thanks for sharing 

    1. Hi Ola

      Upturned eyes are beautiful and full of wit. My next blog will be about them… 

      Take care and use certified products


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