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Eyebrow shape

Eyebrows shapes look different  according to your own tyoe and need specific and individual attention
Nine different eyebrows set

Eyebrow shape

just like eyes
the eybrow has its own shape

Know your type

The arched
The rounded
The straight
The s-shapes
The steep arched

Sounds simple again
Just follow your fleek

Awesome Tutorial Videos on the web

How to determine your type

How to shape natural eyebrows


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4 thoughts on “Eyebrow shape”

  1. We all know how important the eyes are in terms of appearance but we don’t think about how how eyebrows can enhance or detract from our natural beauty. I wish I could take back those teenage years of butchering my brows since I used to have such full ones. Now it’s all about how to fill in and shape them which I’m getting better at. Great video and I’d not seen the trick with the stick to determine the start and end of your natural brow before. As there any particular brow pencils or other products you recommend?

    1. Hi Lynn.

      Yes, we often act out of ignorance and when it comes to make-up so many styles are mixed. We better stick to our own and enhance it. Because that is us. 

      As for products… all depends of our skin in the first place. I Will soon cover this topic and give some general guidelines. Know that allergies (due to bad and cheap products) can lead to greater suffering. 

      Since every person is so difference: skin, tolerance of products, … it is hard to advice. Better seek a good independant beautician (not tied to one product)  who helps you discover your type… and products that suit your skin in the first place. 

      My pain was that many beauticians work for money, not for beauty… hence my site, with guidelines to help you find and nurture your own type. Yes, yes… DIY.

      I will try to cover products soon… and how to make your own. Since my objective is to enhance natural beauty and how we can do that. 

      Thank you for grasping my message and commenting out of your heart. Deeply touched by your sincerity…

      To your inner beauty…


  2. Hi Almond!

    It never occurred that so many shapes existed for both eyes and eyebrows… a variety that is quite impressive. You have learned me a lot through the video’s and links and I look at the world with different eyes now.

    Thank you


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