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Grey brows

Grey brows come with age and wisdom. They give a soft and sweet accent with lesser contrast. Be not ashamed!
Senior woman laying in garden and relaxing

Grey brows

Aging brows



Has its toll


And yet
Its shades

Have their own stories

Tutorial Videos

Quick eyebrow coloring

Tutorial for brows and eye shadow

Special care shop corner

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6 thoughts on “Grey brows”

  1. Wow ! This is an  interesting topic, as a women who is fashion conscious, I always spend quality time on fashion related post ( or video in this case) . This time I see as an investment into my look and self esteem. Grey brows always give me that self assurance and relaxed mind on why women ought to look good.

    i love the video and it has given me a reason to take another look at my cosmetic preferences. Thnak you

    1. Morning Ola, so good to read you. And glad you liked my blog.
      Yes the right tools do boost our self esteem despite age or shape.
      And knowing how is a path to real freedom.

      To you


  2. Hi Almond,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an interesting article with all the necessary information about “Grey brows”

    I like this article very much.My sister is a fashionable girl. She is always trying to fashion her look with different styles and looks. Grey brows will give her a stunning look. She will be very happy to see this article. She will love  this video as there are lots of information in it.

    I am going share this post with my sister as well as with my friends and relatives so that they can benefit from this.

  3. Hey Almond,

    Your review is tiny but effective. The beauty of human beings appears in the face. And the beauty of the face is revealed in the eyes. Gray brows are my very favorite. Through this, the beauty of my appearance looks calm and poetic. 🙂
    Thank you sincerely for the excellent review.

    With Regards,

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