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Have a bee friendly garden

Our bee friends need our help due to their dwindling numbers caused by the overuse of pesticides.

You can help by planting flowering plant and getting people outdoors. You might need help when buying new plants and planting them in your garden, so ask family and friends to help.

Diversity and Space

Landscapes with a wide variety of Bloom’s more effectively sustain pollinators throughout the season than do landscape dominated by only by a small handful of flowering plants.

At a landscape scale, the presence or absence of different types of blooming plants can result in a feast or famine situation for pollinators, Thus expansive of weedy plants may provide an abundance of food for bees. Plus other pollinators during their blooming period. Once the bloom is over, however pollinators may suffer a temporary loss of food.

If you are to help by augmenting local plant population. I will try to guide you in this process. I have tried to provide a general overview of the preferred growing conditions and geographic range for each of the plants including with options for most of the United States and Canada. Of course, when selecting the plants featured, it is also imperative to purchase only nursery plants that you know that were not treated without long-lasting insecticides.

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7 thoughts on “Have a bee friendly garden”

  1. This article is really informative and educative on the bee insects family. Bees are essential in the pollination of flowers and thus we can’t do without them as they are important. I learnt new ways to lure bees into my garden today through your article. Sorry I heard that a bee sting is medicinal to health. Please how true is that? 

  2. Hi Sandy, my first reaction was, I don’t want a bee friendly garden. In summer I like to enjoy some picnics and BBQs with my family in my garden. One of those picnics was disrupted by a swarm of bees! I understand that their numbers are dwindling and more importantly their role in producing honey. So what flowering plants would you advice us in Scotland to plant?

  3. I agree with you, we all need to think more of ways we can preserve our environment. Bees are special insects, though known for their stinging bites, but as someone said, life would end in a short time without these creatures. Bees ensure flower pollination essential for fruiting and reproduction in plants. I have a small vegetable garden and since inception; I have decided to go organic, that means no insecticides or pesticides. I would love to know how about having a bee friendly garden.

  4. Nice article there on having a bee friendly garden. I really this article informative and educative on how to attract bees to my garden. Before now I know bee like some flowering plants with no insecticide,but never for one’s have I see them in my garden I will like to purchase this product on bee friendly garden to know more on how to attract them 

  5. Hello Sandy, i love your review about bee because am a lover of bee too but i use to be afraid of bee because it stung, one thing i love bee about is that they are like dogs they are hardworking for a bee to make just one pound of honey, bee may visit more than two million flowers to gather enough nectar, i really support that we help this creatures as you have said in your post. the only thing i want to ask is how do you manage not to be afraid of their sting.

  6. This is a wonderful and carefully reviewed product. I actually read over and over in order to be convinced. Its only possible to have good result when all factors are put into consideration. I am just getting to know about the bee griendly garden which is an eye opener for me. I am doing my purchase rightaway. 

  7. Most definitely having a bee friendly garden is something to strive for, and I am always looking for ways to help the bees out. I understand just how important they are for pollinating and keeping nature in balance. They also do not bother me when they buzz around outside in the back yard garden, I think of what they do for us all as I watch them in action.I like varying the plants and their blooming stages so we have plenty of work for the bees at most times o the year. We also teach our grandchildren just how important the bees are for the ecosystem. They have grown up respecting the bees rather than having fear of them.I will be checking out the rest of your pages as I hope to gain more insight on further steps I may be able to take to improve the conditions for the bees in our area. I am even considering adding in a beehive. I noticed the beehive kit you have added at the bottom of the post, so will go check that out now. Thanks for an interesting article fellow bee lover! 

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