Hooded eye

Hooded eyes
Snowy owl, white with hooded eyes. isolated

Hooded eye

What exactly
Is a hooded eye

As the word suggests
An eye with a hat

They look like cat’s eyes
No eyelid

No distraction
Very piercing

Be happy with your hood
If you have one

Famous hooded eyes

Nicole Kidmann


Make-up video for hooded eyes

Hooded eyes do’s and don’ts


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4 Replies to “Hooded eye”

  1. I have read your article and read many interesting information about hooded eyes . I had no idea what the meaning of the hooded eyes. I got knowledge on this issue we can contribute to beautiful beauty and create awareness about this, then only we can think of entering a good world. Thank you very much for sharing this information.

  2. Wow! There are many things one does not have any knowledge about but getting to go through the internet will get enough information. I had no idea about hooded eyes or what it means or how it is connected to makeup and beauty but today, your article has given me more knowledge and I can apply it in my makeup business

    1. Hi Linus!

      Make up is an art and it starts with basic knowledge of skin and shapes indeed… If we can contribute to beauty in an humble way and create awareness around the role of beauticians, we have conteibuted to a better world, haven’t we?

      Thank you for your kind comment. Keep visiting


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