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How to relieve stress fast?

How to relieve stress fast? Our societies thrive on pression and pressures of all kind. Hard to sustain...
How to relieve stress fast

How to relieve stress fast?

There is no miracle solution!

Some people struggle to find an outlet while under stress.
Others think that doing fun activities will not reduce their stress issued from problems they tackle under career, social or personal pressure.

Which is a poor way to cope with the devastating consequences of stress.

Therapist around the world agree that fun activities like games, sports and art are helping people with their physical and behavioral problems. And many of those activities are used in stress management clinics as part of a routine treatment.

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What are those relieving activities?

Mind games

Stress affects the mental functions of an individual.

Mind games offer an alternative which allow stressed persons to divert their thought patterns to productive ones.

It is indeed primordial to teach a person to focus his mind on positive thoughts rather than dwelling on negative ones.

Many clinics encourage their patients to solve crossword puzzles and Sudoku. It is a way to divert attention, to switch of. And logical functions are put to the test with the Rubik’s Cube, Scrabble or Bridge.

You can easily incorporate these games into your daily routine to divert your mind from daily problems.


Stress affects the physical functions of an individual.

Engaging in sports is a great way to relieve stress.

Physical exercises can help your body to balance biological and muscular functions. It is a way to rejuvenate muscles that are tight due to stress.

Playing sports provides an outlet for emotional problems like anxiety, depression, irritation, anger, sadness, loneliness.

You can opt for team sports like basket, soccer or beach ball. They provide you with great socializing functions.
Or you can opt for individual sports like swimming, tennis or golf. Focus will be to win the game and to shape your own performance.

Go for a walk and Workout

Gym can be beneficial for your emotional, mental and physical health. Especially when you are stressed.

The routine exercise from your gym instructor will help you focus on the tasks at hand and allow your body to release chemicals and hormones that are good for your physiological well-being.

Specific exercises like cardiovascular workout will strengthen your heart and help you to avoid stress related problems like strokes, high-blood pressure, chest pains and rapid heart beat. The exercices will provide a steady circulation in your system that benefit your muscles with the fresh oxygen supply provided by these hearty fluids.

Best is to adopt a proper diet too. Fresh fruits and vegetables improve your digestion and supply your body with the required nutrients.

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A healthy dose of mental activities, physical exercise and a balanced diet can help to improve your health and avoid the signs and symptom of stress that destroy your health.
Better prevent than cure…!

Home training is another option

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How do you coop with stress?

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8 thoughts on “How to relieve stress fast?”

  1. The way I see it, stress comes from soo many sources and the solutions to it are many as well. Like you say, mindgames and sports as well as fun activities that gets you thinking of other things sometimes works well. I have found that meditation also is a good way of releasing stress though sometimes I find it hard to focus on my breathing if I am stressed or worried. My main problem now is that I spend a lot of time behind the wheel as I am a truckdriver. My job is not stressing in any way but I do have worries on my mind and it is hard to think of anything else while driving. Mind games and sport is out of the question of course but maybe there is something else that would help? Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks for a good post.

    1. Hi Jo,

      Thank you for your personal sharing and depth…

      The first step is to be aware of your Self. And breathing is of great help.

      When breathing just focus on your heart 

      While breathing in visualise the air coming from your nostrils into you heart and say: I am breathing in. 

      When breathing out visualise the air coming from your heart into your nostrils and say: i am breathing out.

      This helped me a lot, and still helps me… just regular breath or peacefull deep breath. Find your own peacefull pace. Some add a simple prayer or mantra on the rhythm of the breathing. That however is the second step.

      The focus of your mind

      You can try to listen to a recorded recitation of prayers  while driving. I use to do that with a rosary. It helps me to get focused in my mind and destress… just the repetition of the prayer. Some told me they do that with the recitation of the divine names, others with peacefull mantras… and others by listening to a lesson or expose that feeds their intelligence.

      Hope this helped a little. 

      To you

  2. Hi! Nowadays, in our busy life, it’s easy to find ourselves burdened with stress. I have enjoyed reading your post. Thank you for listing these solutions. Each one of them helps us in a different way.I particularly like to pay attention on our diet. Eating healthy has great importance.And finding time to play sports is also beneficial. I like soccer and tennis. One is a team sport that provides great socializing functions; and the other is an individual sport. But as I have just said, finding time is quite challenging. I have arrived to the point were I will have to decide between soccer and tennis. I can’t practice both. Which one would you suggest me to pick that will help me more concerning relieving stress?

    1. Yes Henri… thank you for sharing.

      Practicing both sports seems quite time consuming indeed. 

      If you have a fullfilling social life, go for the individual sport. If you are sitting behind a computer all day, go for the social sport. Just seek balance. A way to pace down… 

      Same goes for diet indeed. Make sure to eat healthy fat and sugars too. They are both needed and people tend to forget that.

      Happy day


  3. This is a great and simple to follow guide on how to release stress as fast as possible.You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for me. I am a living witness sports and workout can actually reduce stress, The rate at which we breathe also matters. The height of all is that we should always think positive and refrain from bothering our mind on challenges we are passing through

    1. Hi Ola,

      You stressed it well. Stress can be triggered in many ways. By our body (tired, ill), our mind (negative thinking)  our emotions (fear, doubt and anger) ….  They say that when you wake up it is very important to have positive thoughts the 20 first minutes of your day… make it a habbit and be amazed

      Thank you!

      Good day


  4. Great article! It is so true, we all deal with stress, which comes in various amounts from different sources. It’s how we deal with it that makes all the difference! I personally love to workout, so I would say that is my main outlet and best way to deal with stress when needed. What is your favourite way to deal with stress?

    1. Hi Kohl

      Thank you for sharing your way of relieving stress. 

      We all build up stress in different ways and the most important one is emotions. So I try to master emotions and not to give in. And I noticed, when tired or overdue, I am more subject to stress. So rest and good sleep do it for me

      Best regards


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