Diamonds are a girl best friends!

How many ware them?

Sign of engagement
And all that comes with it

diligence, devotion, passion, dedication
ambition, assiduousness, faithfulness
loyalty, fidelity, fealty, faithfully
true, allegiance, adherence, staunch…

A life program!


6mm – Women’s or Men’s Titanium Wedding Bands Silver. Light Weight Beveled Edge Ring. Comfort Fit, Matte Finish.

A choice of all kind of rings



14k Solid Gold Lower Heart Arabic Name Necklace

14K Solid Yellow Gold Name Necklace Hebrew

14k Yellow Gold Bar with the name engraved

Or just a gift


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Chopwa - jewelry
A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.



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2 Replies to “Jewelry”

  1. Hi Bargain, Jewelry as engagement is very important. It needs to match our deepest self. Not all stones and metals join our personality. A jewel is an expression of what we are. And some really want it simple but true! Great links to diversified products.

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