Rounded eyebrows

If you have rounded eyebrows

Eyebrows shape
Your personality

The rounded


A tactful communicator
A win-win player

No loner

A tutorial

3 ways to shape Eyebrows

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Rounded eyebrows
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2 Replies to “Rounded eyebrows”

  1. The eyebrows complete the look of the face. If the
    eyebrows weren’t the correct shape, then the entire look of the face would be thrown off. This shows how important the shape is.
    For instance, if you had round eyes and square eyebrows then your face would look out of balance.

    1. hi!

      Absolutely..! Not to forget circumstances and also your type of skin.The eyebrows are the final touch of a face… and many try to change them… for worse. Thank you for stressing that!


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