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Shape eyebrows

Shape eyebrows according to your own type, plucking or depilating them with the right tweezers.
Make up and cosmetics. Woman plucking eyebrows depilating with tweezers. Attractive girl tweezing eyebrows

Shape eyebrows

Shape your own eyebrows!

Now that sounds scary
But is it?

For most of us
It takes time
To find out our type
And what suits us best

Remember the rule of nature

If you respect that
You will shine

What does it mean?

Do not overact
It will be hard to correct

Do not try to be somebody else
You only fool your self

Remember the golden rule
Follow nature and enhance it

Simple isn’t it?

Some eye amazing DIY tutorials

DIY eyebrow shaping with SuperPrincessJo on Youtube. A channel full of wit and tips

5 minutes to perfect eyebrows with ElleBangs on youtube. Another great channel to discover!

Never forget to like, comment and subscribe those amazing videos and to follow those great tips.

Shop tip

Make your tweezer choice on amazon


Avoid miss shape… ;-)))

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