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The Art of make-up

The art of make-up requires knowledge of your own type and needs. What goes for one does not go for all.
Make-up artist holding a palette of colorful eyeshadows and a brush

The Art of make-up

Cosmetic paint

Used to accentuate
Or dim the particularities
Of a face

It is as old
As the history of men

Mata Hari
Marilyn Monroe

Used in theater
And pantomime

Yellow ochres

Mixed with water
And oils

Upper classes
Middle classes
Lower classes

Its use has no boundaries
Nor gender

Video Tutorial

Bollywood princess make-up tutorial

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2 thoughts on “The Art of make-up”

  1. Love the makeup! Your tutorial makes it very easy to see how it is done too! I am going to be attempting this soon, and have much more confidence that I can make this work (along with re-watching this video again and again!).

    Love the way your lashes look too, they look super easy to apply. I will have to find some like that as well. Hate the glue ones.

    1. Hi Leah

      Thank you for your encouragement! And so glad you loved it. 

      YES, make-up is an art and well done a wonderful instrument to enhance natural beauty. 

      I have always been fascinated by the depht of eyes… all eyes. The beauty within… 

      The internet is indeed full of beautiful women sharing their knowledge and experience for all to enjoy. 

      Just serving that purpose and sharing with the world is my greatest joy.

      Thank you for liking

      Keep visiting


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