The colors of an eyebrow

The colors of an eyebrow


And even white

I never saw a zebra eyebrow

And yet
They are amazing
Aren’t they?

Nature on fleek
Not just mankind
Animals too

Zebra eyebrows

That would be new fashion. No?

A human eyebrow
like a zebra

Zebra fleek!


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2 Replies to “The colors of an eyebrow”

  1. Hi there,

    Wow, I love the zebra eye! I think it’s beautiful!

    There are a lot of things you can do with makeup today, but do you think it would be OK to go out like this?
    Well, as long as you feel good about the makeup, that’s what matters the most. Just a question, please. How would it take to do makeup like Zebra? Also, is it possible to do it by yourself? And my last question. Would it expensive?

    Thank you very much for this beautiful picture!

    1. Hi Daniella… yes it is absolutely stunning…

      What would a human zebra eye look like.? White lashes and  black touches with wHite shades…could be a fascinating one, no?

      What wOuld be needed? Just some fine charcoals and white chalk… pure nature and not expensive at all. In doing so, just follow the rules that apply to the shape of your face, eyes, and Eyebrows… 😉

      Thank you


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