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Your figure matters too

Your figure matters too. Make-up is not only about eye shadows, but good health and good looking. Take care.

Your figure matters too

Whether you are tall
Or small

Or thin

It matters too


And yet rounded
Is more beautiful
Than angled

Be your self

An old recipe for your bowls and line

• 2 tablespoons of honey.
• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.
• 250 ml of water.

Pour boiling water on the cinnamon and let cool.
Add the honey. Drink half of it before going to sleep.
The other half next morning on an empty stomach.

Eat half an apple with the mixture.
You will feel the difference after a week

Tip: Never add the honey when the water is boiling. It spoils its properties.
Ask your doctor or practitionar for advice. This tip does not replace medical advice


Probiotics improve your digestive health,
boost your immune system
and help you with weight loss.

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10 thoughts on “Your figure matters too”

  1. I really do find your post interesting, though,  most products here are for ladies but I will want to comment on something very important, apart from the fact that probiotics improves digestive health and also boost the immune system, it also not good for some people with serious illness and or compromised immune systems, in which they may experience more severe complications.So it’s necessary to see a medical practitioner before taking in probiotics 

    1. Yes Barry… You are right.! Always see a doctor. Never take supplies without referral. And know that healthy bowels are the basics for good health. 

      Thank you for drawing my attention to the fact that many of my readers are men. I’m will try to make them a special shop corner…

      No, my site is not about reviews… Just creating awareness around beauty and advertising some great products for my readers.

      Have a great day

  2. Hi there,

    Wow, what a nice tip! Thank you!

    I will try this recipe tomorrow. Lately, I have some stomach problems, I can not digest my food properly. 

    What would be best? Organic honey or simple?  I have the simple one, but I can buy the organic one. The same for the apple, Organic vs simple?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you:)

    Thank you for this great post!

    1. Hi Daniella

      First, see a doctor. Stomach problems are to be taken seriously and often raw food, honey and sugar will not calm them. Rather cooked food. Some butter and potatoes with cooked eggs… 

      Try to find the cause of your indigestion also. Do you eat properly? On regular times? Self prepared? Or are you facing stressful situations? Do you have enough rest? 

      In your case stomach and bowel supplies might be a solution. Neat talk about it with your doctor. Especially if it is recurring.

      Take care

  3. Wow! Love this article because am beginning to lose my self confidence(Am a fat guy).But now confidence is restored and for all those giving up they self confident because of their figure.You definitely need to read this  illuminative article.The old recipe for bowls and line methods will be carry out carefully to have a expected result.Thanks you for this article.You have restored my confident and you will be a very good writer.Thanks

    1. Yes… We condemn fat people (what is fat?). And often it is their natural style. 

      Acceptance of our own body style and muscles is part of that. We just need to keep shape through right food and exercise (some walking can be enough). And try to avoid fast food, alcohol, sugars and sweets of all kind and replace them with carrots, nuts and some other less tasty stuff.., haha. 

      Just be aware that fatness can indicate serious health issues. So, see a doctor in case of doubts.

      To you indeed!

  4. Very nice and detailed review, having good figures is what is the most important in a humans life, because you will look more attractive and charming. Though my mother always tell me the best way to look attractive is to have a good figures. But do I have to do this everyday to have that attractive figures.

    1. Yes, you are right. Good daily practices and healthy life style are the basics. 

      Know however that sickness has its toll also. It alters a person’s figure. Best is to seek the cause and right remedy for the illness or failure. Never laugh with thick or thin people. Very often a serious health issue lays underneath…  And exercises will not help. 

      Thank you for your comments. Kindly great your mother. And yes, women do prefer healthy looking man. Of course!

  5. Woow, I have been thinking about natural remedies to good looking all this while couldn’t find any as brief and easy to do as this.No matter our size, race and age our figure really matters alot. This article as done a great job in enlighting people on how to keep a great look with natural remedy. It is Brief,  presice and do it yourself. Probiotics helps alot to improve the digestive system and help weight loss so as to look good. Great job


    1. Morning Ibrahim,

      Glad you liked it!

      Nature has its own ways and laws and if we work with nature, results are amazing indeed!

      The good old saying: eat the fruits and vegetables of your soil and season. Have some daily exercise and vary your diet . Avoid synthetic stuff, fast food, unhealthy fats (you need healthy ones) and refined sugars… That is about all in a nutshell…

      Thank you for your comments. Have a bright day

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