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Your hairstyle

Your hairstyle, frames you. It is the canvas of your makeup and really matters. Make sure to give it attention.
Hair Colors Palette. Hair Texture

Your hairstyle

What has hair
to do with makeup?

It is the canvas
The final frame

A very important part
Of the total picture

Colors and style
Short or long

It will stress your face
And give it its final touch

A video on curly hairstyles

Hairstyles for long hair . Another beautiful video channel for all to enjoy. Hairdressers in particular. Do watch it and subscribe!

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10 thoughts on “Your hairstyle”

  1. Hi  Almond, I have come to realise that the beauty of a woman lies in the hairstyle she wears, I spend  a lot of quality time on my hairstyle. This article has really given me more insight on how to try various hairstyles and I am now aware it is part of my make up. The products here am sure will enhance my look and self esteem. Thanks for the information.

  2. There are many things that affect whether or not a certain hairstyle suits you. Your face shape is one. How you style it is another.

     If you’re considering a top knot, whether you’re actually a practising samurai warrior should be a third. But the main one is the hair itself.

    The genetic makeup of your locks determines what you can do with it and how obedient it is when styling.

  3. Hi Almond. Thanks to you for recommending these products. I was expecting some kind of little review of these, I guess you are still working on the page right?? I’ll bookmark and will be looking forward for the update of the post. Can you kindly give tips about smooth viking and rocky mountain. Thanks 

    1. Ha Alex… Reviewing is not the basics here… Rather creating awareness. I will add some reviews later. But to be honest, with so many styles and shapes, I prefer proposing different possibilities instead and some guiding rules in your choice. And my readers are smart enough to find what fits them.

      I see you like hairstyling… Just know that some synthetic products damage your hair. And most of them are stinky too. There are excellent organic based hairstyle products. I would go for those. But again, test on your skin first for 24 hours. If that is ok, go for it. 

      I tried to grasp you some: natural hairstylers. You will notice your favorites are amongst them 😉 

      Good choice!

  4. A cute introduction to the hair colors:) Thank you!

    I was looking on the web for my hair color and that’s how I found you, I like brown, but I would like to change and do something else. Do you think I will be able to color my hair in blond on brown color? Or I will have to do it progressively?

    I’ve never done before, so I need someone to guide me:)

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Daniella,

      Thank you for your kind comment. As for your question…

      I would certainly enhance my own color with some shading as they say… it can be reddish or yellow, or even black. Like shines. The advantage? It looks natural and grows out without having to recolor your hair. And you can vary according to seasons… 

      If you want to hide some grays, you can use a good coloring shampoo..

      And if you never did this before, go to a good hairstyler or beautician for more advice.

      Good luck and… Keep me updated


  5. Well you can not say beauty without hair. For me it is the first step of beauty, face make-up comes to confirm the hair style. Sometimes a nice hair style is all you need to look awesome. But if you see someone with an awful hair style, you will not take the time to check on her make up, well because you don’t look twice. Hair style, hair pumpering go hand to hand with make up, One should start by taking care of the hair and then finish with make-up.

    THat’s just me!

    1. Yes! True! Well said

      First the hair… If it looks slumped, no use of makeup indeed. A good hair cut can be enough indeed!

      On the other hand some people loose their hair for different reasons. And the right makeup or hairpiece can somewhat disguise that. Cancer patients very often choose to keep their look… And it becomes part of their person… No hiding. Just like aging… It is our own attitude and acceptance of the situation, so yes, we healthy people need to care for our hair indeed. We owe it to all the others.

      Thank you for your kind comment

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