Your type of skin

Does it matter?

Yes !
Skin matters too
Baby face or rimpled


Not to forget
All the anomalies

Skin erruptions

That makes a lot
To think of
And to care for

Today special instrumentation
Can detect your type
And what is needed as remedy

The world of cosmetics
Is one of the most sophisticated
It just needs the right ointment

and remember
your skin is
your biggest organ

take  care of it!

A song

Sesame street: a skin song


Know your skin type

How to buy make-up according to your skin type? 

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Baby skin
Baby skin
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2 Replies to “Your type of skin”

  1. The videos are very resourceful. I have always wanted to find a trick to identify my skin type and do away with guesswork. I have just landed on that here today and I am excited. I am waking up to do the tissue test first thing tomorrow morning 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Hi Debbie!

      Yes, there is more to care for than suspected at first sight… just like you I have been wondering… just sharing… So many bad advices all around,that do not respect our own nature. Know that some good cosmetic lines have skin detector. That is most important for those with mixed and sensitive skin since both skins need the right care. Moistering or oiling are not the same!

      Thank you for sharing! Loved it… we all went through…our perfect dream… and yet… so close to nature.



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