Your figure matters too

Eyeshadow do's and don't

Your figure matters too

Whether you are tall
Or small

Or thin

It matters too


And yet rounded
Is more beautiful
Than angled

Be your self

An old recipe for your bowls and line

• 2 tablespoons of honey.
• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.
• 250 ml of water.

Pour boiling water on the cinnamon and let cool.
Add the honey. Drink half of it before going to sleep.
The other half next morning on an empty stomach.

Eat half an apple with the mixture.
You will feel the difference after a week

Tip: Never add the honey when the water is boiling. It spoils its properties.
Ask your doctor or practitionar for advice. This tip does not replace medical advice

An entertaining Video

Breakdance figures: be your self


Probiotics improve your digestive health,
boost your immune system
and help you with weight loss.

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Your type of skin

Baby skin

Does it matter?

Yes !
Skin matters too
Baby face or rimpled


Not to forget
All the anomalies

Skin erruptions

That makes a lot
To think of
And to care for

Today special instrumentation
Can detect your type
And what is needed as remedy

The world of cosmetics
Is one of the most sophisticated
It just needs the right ointment

and remember
your skin is
your biggest organ

take  care of it!

A song

Sesame street: a skin song


Know your skin type

How to buy make-up according to your skin type? 

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Baby skin
Baby skin

Lavender Oil Companies To Trust And Studies To Review

Lavender A Sturdy Plant

Lavender Oil Companies To Trust And Studies To Review

Most essential oils are distilled and some companies add different scents and additives into the final product. These oils do not have the same effect and benefit as a pure, true 100% oil. My focus is to provide a list of reliable companies that are trustworthy. My article reviews eight companies and I walk you through their advantages and disadvantages so you can make an informed decision that best meets your health and wellness needs. I offer a variety of medical studies that supports the benefits of lavender oil and how it can improve the quality of your life.  A company I trust, a company that cares is 

Trust, A Golden Rule To Follow

Meaning of trust is responsibility resulting from confidence placed in one.

Four characteristic of a strong company

  • Importance of integrity honesty this builds trust and leads to a good reputation the foundation of a successful relationship with the lavender oil customer.
  • A personal pledge to take care of you, like a sister or brother, like a family member.
  • Commitment to customer service to listen and meet your needs, to take pride and stand by their product and to find solutions that address your concerns in a timely and respectful manner.
  • Reflect an attitude of goodwill in service and product, a promise to maintain high standards so that the essential oil is made with care and the company takes pride knowing their oil is 100% pure. To take time to give back and improve the community through fundraising events and mentor ship programs.

8 – Essential Oil Companies, That Stand Out

The food and drug administration does not regulate essential oils. This is why its best to use caution so that your purchase is based on a company you can trust.

Young living essential oils

  • Advantages excellent customers service that address concerns with live chats and email or a toll free number and have a wide variety of oil to make a selection. Company is the largest in U. S and is strong in the market.
  • Disadvantages sometimes out of stock and their oils are the most expensive in the industry.

DoTerra essential oils

  • Advantages company ensures quality by using a certified pure therapeutic testing methods. Oils are 100% pure and a total refund or a 100% credit is given. There price is expensive but under that of young living oils.
  • Disadvantages they require a 35.00 registration fee and they do not own their farms.

Eden gardens essential oils found on

  • Advantages company is well like by customers because they rotate their stock twice a month and they back their product up with a promise that its100% pure. They have a 30-day return policy and they own their own farms.
  • Disadvantages There oil are expensive to purchase.

Radha beauty essential oils

  • Advantages They offer beautiful gift box that contain a variety of oils.
  • Disadvantages their bottle label lack sufficient information.

Majestic pure essential oils

  • Advantages U.S. company and oil is 100% pure. Lavender oil is its main product and its price is not as expensive as other oils.
  • Disadvantages oil scent is like smelling a bar of soap.

Healing solutions essential oils

  • Advantages moderate in price and a 7 day day return policy.  They offer a wide selection of oils.
  • Disadvantages they have not established that their oils are 100% pure.

Rocky mountain essential oils

  • Advantages a small company that offers a variety of 100% pure oils. There small farms are found around the world.

Plant Therapy

  • Advantages they offer a kid safe product line of oils and have aroma therapist on staff to answer questions. There oil is 100% pure and the return policy is 100% along with free shipping.
  • Disadvantages they do not own their plant farms.

Medical Studies On Lavender Oil, Benefits And Uses

Mayo Clinic study on lavender oil indicates the following benefits. Relief from anxiety and depression, Improves the quality of life for people with chronic health conditions. Improves sleep in most people. A smaller study of lavender oil indicates that it may help ease pain for kidney stones in people, reduce pain for people with osteoarthritis in knee and improve the quality of life in dementia patients.

Medical news today article on lavender oil indicates that it can be used to treat anxiety, anti fungal infections, healing wound, minor burns and bug bites. It They recommends using it to improve and maintain your skin with daily routine.

The journal of micro biology published a study that found lavender oil could be effective treating anti fungal resistant infections.

International journal of psychiatry on clinical practice found silexan to have anxiety reducing effects on patients within two weeks. Silexan is a lavender oil preparation available in 80mg silexan capsules.

Another study found that lavender oil reduced the amount of pain killing medicines required after a tonsillectomy. caters to kids and is a excellent company.

The Ball Is In Your Court

Lavender oil is the ultimate tool that gives a sense of calm and peace in people. It is a natural remedy full of promise. My goal is to promote lavender oil through companies that are trustworthy so you can make an informed decision based on your health and wellness needs. These elite companies never wavier, never more they stand firm and maintain high standards. They take pride knowing their oil is a cut above the rest its 100% pure. The decision is yours to make. My hope is that you purchase your ticket and enjoy the blessings lavender oil gives on your path to success.  Please refer to they will meet your health and wellness needs.

All the best,


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The colors of an eyebrow

Zebra fleek

The colors of an eyebrow


And even white

I never saw a zebra eyebrow

And yet
They are amazing
Aren’t they?

Nature on fleek
Not just mankind
Animals too

Zebra eyebrows

That would be new fashion. No?

A human eyebrow
like a zebra

Zebra fleek!


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Sports sunglasses

Chopwa - Sports sunglasses

Sports sunglasses

The making of sunglasses goes back to the roman emperor Nero. It is said he used polished light emerald green gems to watch gladiators. The invention of sunglasses was much later.

The first glasses were worn in the twelfth century by Judges in chinese courts. The smoky quartz was used to hide the expression in their eyes.

Italy developped its first glasses in 1430 and by 1600 people realised the benefit for eldery people.

In the mid 18th Century, James Ayscough developed blue and green corrective lenses for correcting optical impairments. The start of a colored view!

The problems for developing glasses were manyfold:
How to keep the glasses on the nose
How to use sidepieces
How to hold the glasses

A long story of trial and error that leaded to our modern glasses.

And it was in 1929 that Sam Foster launched his brand with the first mass-produced sunglasses for walkers on the beaches of Atlantic ity and New Jersey.

Followed in 1930 by Bausch & Lomb who developped sunglasses to reduce high-altitude sun glare for pilots. The military took in! A dark green tint that absorbed light to its yellow spectrum.

Later Edward H. Land invented the Polaroid filter and used it in sunglasses. And Ray Ban applied polarization for his anti-glare sunglasses.

The niche boomed. Everybody wanted sunglasses. Design, fashion and stars developped their own brands.

And people started protecting their eyes from the harmful effects of the Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the sun and the blue light of screen, computers and tablets.

Today many professions have their own protective glasses, from sporters to pilots.

Some keepers!

Thank you for shopping Chopwa!

Chopwa - Sports sunglasses
Make your choice!


The Art of make-up

The art of make-up

The Art of make-up

Cosmetic paint

Used to accentuate
Or dim the particularities
Of a face

It is as old
As the history of men

Mata Hari
Marilyn Monroe

Used in theater
And pantomime

Yellow ochres

Mixed with water
And oils

Upper classes
Middle classes
Lower classes

Its use has no boundaries
Nor gender

Video Tutorial

Bollywood princess make-up tutorial

Product tips

22 Piece Brush Set. This complete collection of luxury makeup brushes includes the essentials used by the pros.

Evening make-up

Evening make-up

Mark the day!

An evening make-up
Is different from a day make-up

It needs a different approach
Very often it will be festive as well

Take your time.

Use white shades
They reflect the light

Use glitter
They give a festive note

Make sure to border
It sharpens your face

What is needed?

Remember this simple rule :
Respect your own type
And enhance it

Some videos

Purple Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

How to apply evening makeup

Shop tip

Evening make-up
Day and night make-up

6 things you can do with cherries

Fresh cherries recipes

6 things you can do with cherries

There is a lot you can do with cherries. And moreover…
Who does not like cherries?

We all do, don’t we. And besides hanging a pair around our ears, there are much more things that can be done with cherries: the fruit, the pit, the steels….

This is a beautiful infograph:

6 Things You Can Do With Fresh Cherries

WOW no?

Do not forget to download your free e-book. Full of usefull information. Cherry me!


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Home and garden


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Fresh cherries recipes
More than just eating… 



About me eyebrows fleek

About me eyebrows fleek
About me eyebrows fleek
The beauty of an eyebrow

About me, eyebrows fleek


Beauty was one of the three pillars of antiquity
Together with wholeness and truth

A balance leading to monumental architecture
Harmony, fashion and style

Beauty was inspired
By Holiness and Truth

This site is dedicated
To the beauty of an eyebrow

Fleeky eyebrows
Brows on fleek

Fleek means extremely good, attractive and stylish
Wholiness, beauty and truth!

This site is an homage to all the beauticians in the world
With poetry, DIY lessons and tips

To you !