How to make soap

How to make soap

How to make soap

Long ago my dad offered me a chemical box
And one of the tricks you could do
Was make your own soap

Wow, that sounded exciting

Being in an experimental mood
I remember the boiler exploded in my face
Because I did not read the manual

So… you better be warned
This is not for kids

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Nature at its best

The basics

Making soap is a chemical reaction.
You need some ingredients and a method.

The ingredients.

You need oil (or fat) and lye.

First the oil. You can use palm oil, coconut oil, soybean oil and even cocoa butter. Let us take several cups for each type and fill with oil or butter.

Then the lye. Make sure to have it all ready and put it in different cups.

Add fragrance and color.

The methods

There are different ways to make soap.
And each method has its own fans.

The easiest one is the Melt and Pour process. Melt pre-made blocks of soap and add your own fragrance. Lavender officinalis in our case .

The most common method is the Cold Process. Soap is made from scratch with oils and lye.

Then the hot process (the one I used in my experiment as a kid) were the ingredients are heated … Just beware it is a chemical and thus dangerous process. Make sure to protect your eyes when using this method. And… follow the order of instructions… uh!

And finally, the Rebatching. A method where bars of soap are grinded with milk or water, and re-blended.

Sounds easy, no?


How to make soap
How to make soap, a course

Combine lye water and oils, eventually you can replace water with milk and use some natural oils and colorants on top of it. Use one of the four methods at your convenience.

For those who are really hooked, I suggest you follow a course with the hot method.

The Hot Soap Making course is a Complete Guide. Unlike The More Traditional Way Of Making Handmade Soap, This Is A Faster, Easier And More Predictable Way To Make Soap. The course includes 60+ Photos with 6 Bonuses Including Video.

Good to know

What is saponification ?

A video

How to make soap at home


You will find many tutorials and recipes on the net. One of my favorite blogs is the 22 basic soap making recipes.

To your success!

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About Fragrance

Daily lavender oil solutions

About Fragrance

What can I tell about me?

Knowledge starts with self
And as long as we do not aknowledge that
We live in illusion

My favorite garden is a wild garden
Like The garden of Beatrice Potter
Where nature is guided in its originality

And one of my favorite herbs is lavender
Its fragrance known all over the world
Soothing, apeasing, healing…

It does not take much
To be happy
To feel happy

Since happiness is ours
No matter what happens

All the best,

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Daily Lavender oil solutions
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Hemorrhoid treatment natural

Hemorrhoid treatment natural

Hemorrhoid treatment natural

One out of two people is affected by hemorrhoids. An itching pain for many. Affecting our mind, body and soul…

After some research, I found this great hemorrhoids infographic by healing natural oils. And if you want more information, click the image. You will find plenty on their site.

Many found great relief in using natural products.

Hemorrhoids Infographic

You can Sign up with Natural Healing Oils as well here
Thank you for sharing your own experience and remedies.

Medical disclaimer:
This is not a medical advice . Just general information. Check with your health agent or doctor first in case of complaints

What is the best tablet

What is the best tablet?

What is the best Tablet ?

The best tablet? That is not an easy question.
It depends of your budget, your needs and your range.

My favorite tablet is an ipad.
Safe, reliable and performant.

You can view it here, with all its specifications.
You can even compare it with other models and see what fits you best. (The cellular is an option)

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A Mimi PC like

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Just to name a few.

Best Affiliate marketing platform

Best affliliate marketing program

Best Affiliate marketing platform for learning

Many webbuilders and webowners are seeking to monetize their efforts and site. And many will wonder how to do that.

Among the many programs that we tested, the Wealthy Affiliate website stands out as #1 .

What is WA?

WA stands for Wealthy Affiliate and was created by two awesome guys: Kyle and Carson. They provide a learning and working platform for those who are eager to learn.

WA has become a powerful and proven process for making money online. A process that reveals if you are willing to work for it.

Best affliliate marketing program
What is the Best affliliate marketing program for learning

What does it take?

1. Create your niche website
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3. Your financial goals. How much do you want to earn? What would you be happy with? And what time are you willing to invest.?

Sounds easy?
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What is the best mobile phone?

What is the best mobile phone?

Apple smartphones

What is the best mobile phone?

Are you looking for a little computer or just a phone with messaging? The difference is huge. Especially the price.

For most of us mobile has become the device for surfing the net, chatting, seeking streets, and yes, shopping. Many phones have their own operating system, like Apple IOS or Androïd, just to name a few

For others, a smartphone has to be performant since they carry their office with them.

And for some it is just functional. Used to call and do some essential messaging through live chat and mails.

Some options




How to relieve stress fast?

How to relieve stress fast

There is no miracle solution!

Some people struggle to find an outlet while under stress.
Others think that doing fun activities will not reduce their stress issued from problems they tackle under career, social or personal pressure.

Which is a poor way to cope with the devastating consequences of stress.

Therapist around the world agree that fun activities like games, sports and art are helping people with their physical and behavioral problems. And many of those activities are used in stress management clinics as part of a routine treatment.

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What are those relieving activities?

Mind games

Stress affects the mental functions of an individual.

Mind games offer an alternative which allow stressed persons to divert their thought patterns to productive ones.

It is indeed primordial to teach a person to focus his mind on positive thoughts rather than dwelling on negative ones.

Many clinics encourage their patients to solve crossword puzzles and Sudoku. It is a way to divert attention, to switch of. And logical functions are put to the test with the Rubik’s Cube, Scrabble or Bridge.

You can easily incorporate these games into your daily routine to divert your mind from daily problems.


Stress affects the physical functions of an individual.

Engaging in sports is a great way to relieve stress.

Physical exercises can help your body to balance biological and muscular functions. It is a way to rejuvenate muscles that are tight due to stress.

Playing sports provides an outlet for emotional problems like anxiety, depression, irritation, anger, sadness, loneliness.

You can opt for team sports like basket, soccer or beach ball. They provide you with great socializing functions.
Or you can opt for individual sports like swimming, tennis or golf. Focus will be to win the game and to shape your own performance.

Go for a walk and Workout

Gym can be beneficial for your emotional, mental and physical health. Especially when you are stressed.

The routine exercise from your gym instructor will help you focus on the tasks at hand and allow your body to release chemicals and hormones that are good for your physiological well-being.

Specific exercises like cardiovascular workout will strengthen your heart and help you to avoid stress related problems like strokes, high-blood pressure, chest pains and rapid heart beat. The exercices will provide a steady circulation in your system that benefit your muscles with the fresh oxygen supply provided by these hearty fluids.

Best is to adopt a proper diet too. Fresh fruits and vegetables improve your digestion and supply your body with the required nutrients.

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A healthy dose of mental activities, physical exercise and a balanced diet can help to improve your health and avoid the signs and symptom of stress that destroy your health.
Better prevent than cure…!

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