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The shopkeeper

The shopkeeper at CHOPWA . A story of old to revive small retail online. Just look around

The shopkeeper of Chopwa

Welcome to CHOPWA, a website dedicated to shopping!

I remember the retail shops of my childhood
Stuffed with all kind of products
Easy to grasp and find

Chopwa wants to offer a similar experience
Like a small store at the corner of the street
Stuffed with products at your like

Not much explanations around
Just a selection of the best offers
And the best products at sharp prices

Tired of shopping around without results?
Shop CHOPWA … and

Chop the wah!

Enjoy the product reviews also!

Shop tip


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The shopkeeper of Chopwa. A digital retail shop with beauty tips, home and garden, kitchen and houseware, sports, health, and much more.
     Let’s go chopping! 😉
For all !Learning comes before earning

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12 thoughts on “The shopkeeper”

  1. Wow! That’s the word that naturally comes to mind as I visit the site. It’s so amazing, a job you have done here, the shopkeeper of Chopwa. You know when a good job is done, it deserves a pat on the back and you get that from me. I’m already wowed for visiting and when I come shopping, what are the wows or benefits you do have in mind for us?

  2. Wow, there are so many stuffs to shop at your website :). My favourite will be clothing, shoes and handbags. For housewares, The Amazon open-box kitchen gadgets are good deals. Have you bought any open-box items from Amazon?I like to get some utensils for my kitchen. I think I will try the open-box deals, those prices are within my budget.Thank you for the information.

    1. Oh! Wow! So glad you wowed it! I have been shopping amazon for years and find no better. Excellent service and delivery! Great prices and a wide variety indeed. Chop the wah! And go for it… 😉

  3. Such a simple and precise post on this online shop. I’ve been shopping online for quite some time now especially getting stuffs for my kids, so many time I get disappointed while shopping alot on; time of delivery, quality of product. I’ll make sure to give chopwa a trial and hopefully I wouldn’t be disappointed.

  4. Hi, thanks! This is a cool idea you have going here. Also I like how you said “save the trees” in the popup. What does “chop the wah” mean?I think your talking icon on the bottom right of my screen is cool. Never seen that before. I just looked through some of your product sections. I like how you write with a poetic style. It makes a fun shopping experience. Thanks!

    1. Hey! So glad you checked ! Yes trees are our silent friends… and we really need to,pay attention on how we treat nature.. it means shopping should be fun with great satisfaction… some online shops are wah… hence chop the wah shop chopwa!

  5. Excellent to know of. A nice initiative that would save us all a couple of dollars and the stress of searching about. Shopwa is great and since I’m among the first set of people to be on this website, I will definitely look back some times to check if there are things I need to make use of on this store. Good to know about here and I look forward to thus store.

  6. Wow, this is a very good thing to decide to take on. People are beginning to talk online to grab their  stuffs and I’m happy that there is a shopkeeper of chopwa. I believe that there is a lot of prospect here and I will be back here for some more of what you have to offer. Thanks

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Bargain Chopwa

Bargain Chopwa

Welcome to chopwa! A retail e-shop with reviews, references, opportunities, top products, services, bargains and much more! I love the surprise of little shops in our streets, far away from the big ones.View Author posts

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