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Aromatherapy oils guide

Aromatherapy oils guide
Aromatherapy oils guide

Aromatherapy oils guide

Aromatherapy oils are great, once you know how to use them.

We are all different. There is no one way solution. Your skin, your body, your taste will soon guide you to those oils that suite you best. Essential oils can enhance your life in many ways. Fragrance is perhaps the most important one.

This is my top 10 advice.

1. If you can, join an aromatherapy course. Go for it. You will not regret it. And it will save you time and money. Or join a classical education.

Do some research .

2. The internet provides you with a lot of information for free. There are plenty of excellent resources. Be a critical reader. Check your sources. Do not jump into it. Take time to gather some information

Social media has many excellent publishers too.

Corked Portable Aromatherapy

3. Do not be afraid to buy a good book. They are great references for later. You can go from starter to advanced reader.

Some of my favorites on amazon:

Lavender essential oil

Lavender, an aromatherapy coloring book

Lovely lavender

Advanced aromatherapy

The healing intelligence of essential oils

Once you have done your research and learned about aromatherapy, it is time to focus on buying oils of your choice. Lavender should be one of them. Of course. It is the queen among essential oils.

4. Go for 3 to 5 oils to start with and buy together with Carrier Oils. Mixing essential oil and carrier oil gives a great result. A great cosmic carrier is argon oil. Together with lavender it is excellent for soothing muscles. The essence is in quality, not quantity. In studying the different oils, you will soon be guided by your own choices.

Set of 3 Oils: Peppermint, Lavender and Frankincense

5. Stay away from synthetic cheap products. They will make you sick. Go for organic certified brands. Make sure to buy unadulterated essential oils. 100% Pure Essential Oils. And yes, they come with a cost. Buy small quantities.

Once you have bought your oils. Be careful.

6. Best is to store in a dark place and to keep the lids tightly closed. Heat and warmth should be avoided. Make sure to keep out of reach of children.

7. Do the patch test before using. Essential oils can cause allergy. Always perform a skin test on your wrist. And in case of reaction, wash away.

8. Never use on children or pets. To clean the air, use other solutions like a good air purifier

9. Never ingest essential oils. Some are toxic, others interfere with medical prescriptions. Go for good food supplements. And seek advice of a nutritionist or doctor first.

10 . And last but not least, in case of health issues always check with your doctor. Information on this site is not a medical advice.

Thank you for likes, shares and comments!

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28 thoughts on “Aromatherapy oils guide”

  1. Hi there, I love the smell of lavender and you can almost feel and touch it when you look at your website. I do however find the amount of advertisements distracting. One needs to scroll down through many ads before you can actually read what it is all about. The Tree Tribe ad is so prominent that I at first thought the website was about them.Maybe move the advertisements around that it is at the bottom of your articles. I think that way it will be more “inviting” to do shopping.I also find it confusing that the topic seems to disappear when you click on it. Maybe it is the web design that you selected? I’m not sure if you can possibly change that?I am very new to all of this and for my personal taste it just seems to be too busy and too many advertisements that I find very “in my face” and not necessarily relevant.I hope this helps and good luck in your new venture.

    1. Hi Line

      That is a great feedback!  Thank you for telling me. 

      However, The trend today is images, not text…  And I myself love them when adequate. Just know that all our ads are chosen with great care. Not just ads. 

      You are the first who seems disturbed by the layout. On which device are you? Mobile or PC?

      Thank you

  2. These oils looks attractive and healthy. I have not used them for the first time and would like to try them out. Being a rich oil I believe it’s benefits won’t be limited to only one benefit. However, I will love to know the nutritional benefits of this oil and the various means it can help our lives.

    1. Hi!

      Natural oils are so condensed, that they are used with a carrier oil. That means you can use one drop of your naturl oil for several drops of your carrier oil (example argan oil). They are seldom  used unmixed.

      Some use a drop in aromatheraphy, where the carrier is water.. 

      And others indeed use them as medecine. I meself do not advice to do that without supervision of a,doctor or natural theraphists. Natural oils do interfere with medecine that you are taking, and can be dangerous. So, caution!… a definite no no…

      Best is to follow a course on natural oils and to read some basic books if you want to pursue your quest. 

      Have peaceful day

  3. Nice write up! I have really learnt a lot from this post especially how best to mix the oils and getting a nice fragrance that will be attractive. I once read a book on how to mix various type of oils that will yield nice end products but I was not getting it right but from your post I can confidently practice what have learnt from your post,am going to bookmark your page so  as to follow up your posts

    1. Thank you Labulo. Good luck 

      If you can follow a good course, it will be an investment for the future. 

      I once did, and .never regretted.. A real eye opened!

      Good day!

  4. Thank you very much for sharing a conscious thing. we must acknowledge that essential oil makes a lot of Benefits for us. perhaps we need to know, How it use properly as well. You crystally explain about it, for this reason, we able to know about this aromatherapy so regard I can know so many conscious things from you it will be a benefit for my own way and others.

  5. Linus Udochukwu Marvellous

    I have always loved reading anything related to health and things that can help one have better health and I have discovered that your blog has such articles. Upon reading this article, I became happy because I now have one more way to have a btter health. Not just me but I and my family

    1. Yea Linus, long ago I followed a course with a famous French naturopath. It was one of the best investments ever and ignited a totally different way of life also.

      Glad you grasped that and I can only encourage you to go further in your search.

      Thank you for passing by. Take vare

  6. Aromatherapy is great in ones health, it contribute a lot of health benefit. Sometimes without using a lotion on your skin but using aromatherapy oils it help your skin glow. Eighty percent of ladies use aromatherapy oils which help their skin glow but I found out rare in men using aromatherapy oil, is not just our thing. With these your aromatherapy guide I think someone will be glad to purchase any aromatherapy, and also please I also want to know the price of Lavender oil.

    1. Dear Chris, lavender is a universal and harmless oil. Used both by males and females. In ancient times it was used to heal the wounds of gladiators. 

      Many use it today for several purposes. One less known is laundry to repel bugs and other insects. I will soon write about laundry. 

      As for buying lavender, you have several options. The cheapest ones are often synthetic blends. They stink and make you feel sick. Look for the real stuff. We have put several links to real good natural oil producers on the website. Feel free to look at them, and if you still have a question, let me know. 

      As for now, I gathered some natural lavender products on amazon.

      Hope this helped. 

      Thank you for your kind comment, and good luck with the use of lavender

  7. this article is so informative on aromatherapy oil guide. I really find each and every part of this article helpful in regards to what to look out for in essential oil. Before now I have bought an essential oil and it does not work as expected.truly it is a cheap one and I bought it due to the fact that I heard many testimony of people about it.

  8. hello your review about essential oils is great.  They exist for 6000 years with the aim of improving  person’s health or mood, but their is a way it is applied and i love the way you have explained and also given links to buy it and  learn how to use them, because of this you have done a good job thank you. I have bookmarked your website so that i can know more about the essential oil and to able to get it.

    1. Hi, yes… It is a joy for life and learning how to use them should be teached in schools. Would prevent a lot of suffering .

      Thank you for telling me. Have a peaceful day.

  9. Thank you so much to the author who has written down this kind of such a beneficial article.  This article opened my mind to the fact that this course benefits are enourmous. I actually learnt a lot from the advice you shared with your blog readers which are cogent points. Thanks for the eye opener

    1. Hi Ola… So glad you enjoyed it. Yes natural oils are wowing if we know how to use them. And indeed a good course is an investment for the future. Thank you so much

      Take care of nature


  10. I have heard a lot about essential oils but this article has made it even brighter for me. Thank you for pointing out about getting knowledge about aromatherapy which is necessary for knowing the best oils that are good for us. I have only heard about lavender essential oil but didn’t go into good research of it. with this article, I’ve been able to precisely see the different kinds of lavender oil. Yes, having a good and eco-friendly essential oil carrier is also very important. Thank you for elaborating on these basic things to take note of essential oil. All are well noted.

  11. I once carried out a research in aromatherapy but I was confused on the oil to buy. Not that I didn’t see any but I was presented with a plethora of choices that I found it very difficult to choose from. I ended up buying lavender and 3 other essential oil together with argon oil as carrier. I now want to explore other essential oil to see the difference

    1. Yes, good to start with. Lavender oil is harmless, even without carrier. Just know you have to be careful with kids and animals. And best is indeed to follow a course. It is a great investment and eye opener indeed!

  12. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest. Aromatherapy oil are best for the skin and body, this highlighted top 10 guide gave me more confidence about this oil. I would love to join the course as described in this article and follow the 10 too guide. Thanks for your informative post. All the best. 

  13. I guess aromatherapy is the art of inhaling fragrances to improve mental well-being. I have not done my research on it, but the name alone says alot. It’s a therapy where aroma is the healing agent. I agree that lavender ranks as the best essential oil for suiting muscles. I use it myself without even knowing I am undergoing a therapy. 

  14. This was a useful article chock full of timely tips on selecting and using aromatherapy oils. I use them but basically have never been very discerning when it comes to selecting one over another. Instead, I usually make my purchases based on how they smell.After reading through the post, I can see that I really need to be a little more careful in choosing what to buy and use. For instance, I never looked at the ingredients (natural or synthetic) and did not realize that there are courses and books you can buy on the oils.Now that my eyes have been opened, I most certainly will do some research as I have a grandson that has a lot of allergies. From your post, it seems that some of the oils I have may be exacerbating the problems he suffers from, so most definitely I will get to the bottom of which are suitable to use around him. Thanks for this super post!

    1. Hi Dave, allergies can be manifold and lesser known are those by synthetic fabrics, fragrance, sheets and soaps! It can also be by food or polluted air or simply pollen. 

      So, seek the cause first. 

      To suite the itching, calendula is an old remedy joined with lavender oil. Both are harmless and known since antiquity. A good balm can be prescribed by your doctor. Just make sure it is natural indeed. Most of the time they do not last long, so go for small quantities first.

      I would be careful with aromatherapy for children. But lavender used in laundry is relaxing and soothing for all.

      And following a course is a great investment and an eye opener. Back to the roots, as they say

      Wishing you all the best

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