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Lavender-Natures Way To Better Sleep!

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions
Daily lavender oil solutions

Lavender-Natures Way To Better Sleep!

Lavender, Mother Natures way of helping you to a better nights sleep. Each day we find out more and more ways that we can benefit health wise from lavender. Well I would like to add one more great way! And that is to help you with your sleep.

It makes sense if you look at it. Lavender help you to relax and soothes you. So if you incorporate lavender into your into your nightly routine, you can begin to relax before you go to bed. Why stop there? You can also use it in your pillows to help keep you in this stress free mode to ease into sleep and get a restful nights sleep.

As we are discovering the many relaxation benefits that lavender offers, companies are now coming up with all kinds of new ideas to incorporate lavender in them. So how about I help guide you through some of these ideas that can lead you into a more restful and relaxed sleep.

Start With Bath Time

Soaking in a nice, hot, steamy bath at the end of a long strenuous day can be one of the most rewarding feelings. The hot water soaking into your painfully sore body, releasing all of the tension knots. Allowing your body to go into a relaxed state.

But, what about your mind? Is it still running a million miles a minute, filled with stress? This is the first place lavender can play a huge roll. If you take and add either some lavender natural salt crystals or even a couple drops of lavender oil, in your bath water it will begin to work its magic.

Since lavender offers a sense of calmness and relaxation, the smell will rise up and begin to help your mind slow down and help release all of this overwhelming stress. It will also help with the soreness and aches as well. How does this work? Well it is similar to the smell, but in this case its natural remedies with soak through your skin, causing the same relaxation benefit as it does with your mind.

Doesn’t this sound like a magnificent first step to a better, less stressful nights sleep? Stick around there are more steps to make sure you are getting the full benefit!

Candles Can Also Help

Candles are fabulous! They have so many helpful benefits. You can use a candle to create any smell in your home from apples to cotton candy. Now most of the time we do use candles to provide an inviting aroma into our homes, but did you know if you use lavender candles it can also create a wonderful smell and offer a sense of peace as well?

That’s right lavender candles! Such a pleasant and slightly sweet smell. But how can this help you relax and get a better nights sleep? Well you can set one of these amazing lavender candles in your bathroom while you are soaking. Then you can also add one to your bedroom.

Candles alone cant set a great ambiance to any room. However, if it lavender candles this also adds the soothing benefit. Ultimately creating a soothing atmosphere with a natural stress reliever from lavender.

So after you get done soaking in the nice hot bath with lavender candles and oils/salts you should see some great strides in becoming more relaxed for bed time. Don’t stop there go ahead and one of these elegant candles to your bedroom as well. This way you can keep a smooth flow of lavender from your bath to bedroom.

Organic Lavender Pillows

Now for the final touch so that you can experience this wonderful and relaxing sleep I am describing. The final step is to have an organic style pillow. If you are asking what that is hold on I will explain it for you.

Okay so an organic pillow is a pillow that has a pouch sewed into it and you can take natural ground up lavender place it in this pouch and it will slowly release the lavender scent through out the whole night. So all you have to do is sleep and let the lavender work its magic.

Can you imagine having the wonderful benefits throughout the night? A soft sweet scent easing and melting all of life’s stress away. And you can control how strong or soft you want the scent to be, by simply adding less or more lavender into this pouch.

So go ahead and crawl in bed and let the aroma from the lavender candles soak in. Then slowly and gently slide into your nice comfy bed, lay your head down on that sweet smelling pillow and have sweet peaceful dreams, and an amazing nights sleep.

Bed Time With Lavender

We all deal with so much stress in our lives today. But the great news is there are ways to wash all of these stresses away. And you can do it naturally with different lavender products. These lavender products like natural oils and candles are designed to help ease your life’s difficulties. If used right they can also benefit you in a great nights sleep.

I am happy to have you here. I really hope I have provided you some great suggestions to getting a better nights sleep with lavender products. If you would like to leave some of your amazing experiences while using lavender products, it would be fantastic. Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a blessed day!

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9 thoughts on “Lavender-Natures Way To Better Sleep!”

  1. I love the idea of the organic lavender pillows, sometimes i have trouble sleeping at night and my pillows are often the culprit…I live in New Zealand would you know if there are manufacturers there who make them?

  2. I do love Lavender and it provides so many health benefits, I always had lavender in my garden until this year all my lavender did not make it through winter. I really used lavender from my garden to improve my sleep and mood, I always had some on my kitchen table and in my living room. I found lavender helped me remain calmer and more productive during my day and sleep much better at night, so any ideas where I can get lavender since my supply has died off?


    1. Hey Jeff. So glad to hear from you. I agree with you as I learn more and more about lavender I am finding it to be truly unique in so many ways. It is so beneficial to our health and well being!
      It sounds like you are a huge fan and user of lavender. I am very sorry to hear that your plants have died off. But I am sure I can help you find some places to find some new plants. Here is a couple of one’s that I found if you want to click on them and see if they are what you are looking for!

      There are many more out there so if one of these is not what you are looking for be sure to let me know and I will help you find more. These 3 are very good a reputable companies though. But by all means I understand if they are not for you. Just let me know.
      Thank you so much for coming by.
      I hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. Almond, genuine lavender in general is harmless. However, Never use fragrance With babies and little children without medical advice. And in case of sleep desorders always seek medical advice.

      Those are tips for relaxation. They do not replace health care

      Thank you for asking

      1. Hi Melissa , I love your site . My Name is Cathy Asunma. I am dying of cancer and have two to four years. No treatment I have no options. Thank you for Taking such good care of the site. My reason for contacting you is to see if you would like to add a book I wrote. Its on my life, my faith and can be tied in with Lavender Oil and PTSD/ Thanks again, Cathy Asunma

        1. Dear and divine one,

          I was thinking of you and there you are!
          What a beautiful legacy you gave us.
          We are glad you like what we did.
          In the mean time honeybee has joined us…

          This site is a blessing for all of us
          I pray that you may recover fully


        2. Hi Cathy
          It is great to hear from you. I am so very sorry for what you are going through my thoughts and heart are with you.
          I would be honored for you to leave your story about your life on here. I think it would be a very honorable thing to have as a part of this site.
          You are a true inspiration. And thank you so much for all you have done.

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