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Lavender Oil And Relaxation Techniques Ease PTSD Symptoms

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions
Lavender Oil And Relaxation Techniques Ease PTSD Symptoms

Lavender Oil And Relaxation Techniques Ease PTSD Symptoms

Most folks have experienced a tragedy. When an event leaves a dark hole in our hearts this is trauma and is called PTSD. My focus is to present strategies that deal with PTSD. I walk you through various coping techniques that helped me deal with the affects of PTSD so that I live and trive today. My article explains a natural way to ease the affects of PTSD using lavender oil and rexalation techniques. My goal is promote lavender oil and pass these relaxation techniques onto you. My objective is provide a natural and healthy way for you to experience a sense of calm and take control of your life using these techniques, your keys to success.

A Short Letter To My Sister, A Walk Through The Storm

My dear sister, this is my gift to you and is given with all my love and kindness. My hope is that in some way this information helps you process your feelings and heal from the PTSD we have both experienced. Let me first explain what I learned from the memories, the PTSD events in our childhood and how they have affected our lives and relationships. The first event in our lives was my overdosed of asprin at the age of two. More than likely you witness me almost die. Your feelings around this event may be terror, sadness, being alone, helplessness or other feelings that are yours.

The point I am making is that from this ptsd event our lives changed in how we relate to each other. Our parents dealth with their feelings around this event by scapegoating me. Everyone in the family followed their example of scapegoating me. This is a learned behavior and is not your fault. The second event involves my two older sisters  brother and myself.  This ptsd event was the choking, me telling you I was going to kill you. We both experienced this at an early age when our brother would tell us he was going to kill us, the figthing,the hitting, the terror our brother inflicted on us.

This caused me to flashback at age twenty and take those unresolved feelings and acts out on you. I had not resolved these feelings but had repressed them and in times of stress I went back to that experience. Because our dad would take our brothers side when we complained this reinforced his abusive behavior. By not listening to our voice and feelings this caused us to shut our feeling down or repress or bury them. So now sometimes we deny our feelings and do not deal with them. We never learned to process our feelings in a healthy and effective way.

At the present time we may experience feelings of intensity such as shame, guilt, anger or other feelings in a manner that is overwelming and seems out of control.  This is how PTSD has affected our lives.

PTSD Developing Strateries, Understanding Triggers

Triggers may contain situations such as a smell, or words in a conversation or a tone of voice or anything that causes an intense emotion or feeling in us to act in a manner that is uncharacteristic of our normal behavior or does not reflect our values. These feelings can be intense rage, anger, shame or terror. Stressful situations usually envoke these feelings. When these over whelming feelings take over and we don’t understand we are in a flashback.

Four strategies to cope with triggers and flashbacks

  • Identify the feeling and own it. such as anger, rage, shame, guilt, terror.
  • Use relaxation techniques with lavender oil, go to a safe place in your mind, go to your center, breathe.
  • When you relax your mind and body there is a sense of calm and you can gain access to insights and feelings.
  • Understand the unresolved past feeling and release the feeling caused by event in a forgiving manner and create a new loving feeling.

Lavender Oil And Relaxation Script, Your Keys To Success

Placing a few drops of lavender oil behind your ears each morning, or carry your lavender oil in a pouch along with a cloth and add a few drops to a cloth and breath in the scent through out the day. This is a relaxation script I follow each morning is to maintain a sense of calm through day and regain control over my life. Finding that center of calm and serenity within us is what we talk about in the neo cognitive as our self.  This relaxation process will further our goals of letting go of reactivity and focus on self to listen to our needs and feelings.

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions
Lavender Oil And Relaxation Techniques Ease PTSD Symptoms

To find that center of calm and develop a greater sense of stability we can decrease our stress and facilitate the letting go of negative reactions. We can enchance our sense of well being and simutaneously program ourselves toward our personal goals. We create a new tape we play in our heads using self affirmations. This process works because we are in a deeper relaxed state that is an intentional level so when we say these affirmations they are implanted more effectively than in a waking state.

This script takes about 15 minutes and can be done anywhere. It a an effective method that gives us a deep resting state to get us in touch with our needs and feelings. It best to done in a quiet place with out daily demands, such answering phones, meeting childen’s needs ect. this is your time.  Place a few drops of lavender oil behind your ear or in a cloth and breathe, enjoy and relax with sweet scent of lavender oil.  This will set the stage and enhance the breathing and relaxation techniques that will be used.

Find a comfortable sitting position, feet on the floor, hands on lap, spine straight with head straight to ensure energy flow. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through nose or mouth. Breathe from the stomach fill the belly, lungs and raise shoulders.

Before beginning decide on your special place where you feel calm and comfortable. This can be imaginary or real. See a picture of yourself in the surrounderings. Described the scese in detail, such as on a beach, warm breeze, sand is white and soft, laying on a red soft beach towel, dolfins singing, whales blowing water, sunrise with all the color of a rainbow stretched  a crossed blue sky, ocean waves gently coming to shore, warm breeze, green trees, no people, nice and quiet.

Plan your goals and affirmations for your script ahead of time. Goals should be framed in the positive.  I will adhere to my diet,or exercise plan or PTSD plan and naturally let go of stress or negative feelings as they arise. It is suggested to limit the number of goals to three, one for exercise, one life management dealing anger, one for affirmations and to easily and naturally let go of old reactions as they come up and continue to live more fully from listening to that deeper part.  A good idea is to use lavender oil in this stage.  One of the best lavender oil at a good price is found at plant


Five Steps

  • Take a deep breath feel the air flow in and out a sense of deep relaxation is coming over you. Air flowing all the way down to your toes and back out again.  Feeling more and more relaxed with every breath you take. Enjoy this relaxed state. Your eyes are feeling tired and you may wish to close them.
  • Imagine a golden light shinning down on you, bask in the warm glow of this light, feel it touch every surface of your body, penetrating your muscles and helping you to relax. Enjoy this relaxed feeling.
  • Imagine yourself at the top of a stair case, stepping down with the right foot and next with the left and continue feeling more and more relaxed with each step you take, until you reach the landing and feel a profound sense of relaxation.
  • Imagine your special place where you feel most calm and relaxed. Now is the time to reflect on goals you have set for your self.   Take for a few minutes and reflect on your goals.  To be reminded of your goals and ability to relax and feel this relaxed feeling all you need to do is place your thumb and forefinger together.
  • You will awaken feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready to go about your business for the day.

Conquer PTSD, Strategies To Cope

Ten ways to improve your life.

  • Self -Values Helps stay centered and have a sense of self. Write your values on a piece of paper so you have a clear idea of what they are.
  • Boundaries and setting limits this is the ability to say no. This can be done in a respectful and kind manner, using I statements, such as I feel, I think. This I statement is empowering and asserting ourselves to take responsibility for our feeling and needs. It prevent scapegoating.
  • Self Affirmations Example I am strong I am resourceful. It helps to write them down.
  • Journaling is a great tool it is a safe way to process your feeling and daily events and helps process your thoughts.
  • Goal setting keeps you focused and moving forward.
  • Exercise is a good stress relieving.
  • Hobbies and interests learning a new hobby keeps you challenged and motivated and your mind active.
  • Trust your instincts, trust yourself place your cares with your higher power there is a sense of calm.
  • Self care, be kind and gentle to yourself, do something special for yourself.
  • Self respect treat your self with respect and importance and others in the same way.
  • Be honest with your self be true and you’ll never have to many problems.

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions
Lavender Oil And Relaxation Techniques Ease PTSD Symptoms

Reclaim Your Life, Expect The Best

They say touch times never last but tough peope do. Any time you are not feeling that positive neutral self that is your signal to focus your attention on your center and release the feeling.

The goal of this process is to feel good more often and most of the time. Each time you release an old unresolved PTSD feeling they no longer stay with us and we react less strongly and see the truth. I don’t know everything , this is what I learned to over come the affects of PTSD and is my way to make a difference in people’s lives around the world who hhave had trauma.

My hope is that you take reigns and use lavender oil and these relaxation techniques so you can live a healthy and happy life and really thrive !!!  One of the best lavender oil to buy at a good price is at

All the Best,


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  1. Interesting article! Great to know it helps people relax. Good to know about solutions for PTSD. Such a difficult illness to treat.
    I am using lavendar oil on pressure points for sleep and in epsom salt, tea and handsoap. I went to a community class on sleep and was recommended to use it in many ways to get more sleep.

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