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Natural perfume brands

Natural perfumes made with  extracts from plants, trees, leaves, flowers, roots, ... and turned into fragrant oils.
Natural perfume brands

Natural perfume brands

Natural perfumes
made with natural extracts from
Plants, trees, leaves, flowers

Natural extracts
turned into essential oils
creating wonderful scents

Feel happy, relaxed
calm, confident

Natural perfumes
combined with your body chemistry
soon become your style.

Advantages of natural perfumes

They do not contain chemicals or synthetic ingredients when made with natural essential oils.

Each essential oil has a special affect on the body.

For example, Lavender is a natural stress reducer and has a calming affect. Wear lavender and you will feel less stressed and anxious when you go out. It will affect the company you are in and soothe the air.

Natural perfumes have a long shelf life without harmful chemicals to preserve them. There are many essential oils, all with specific use and properties.

Each essential oil has several ways to help the body.

For example, Lavender helps the skin recover from burns.

Where can you find those natural perfumes?

You can purchase natural perfumes online or at a health food store.

You will find reference to several stores and brands here, on Check them and be surprised.

Know also that large chain stores may offer natural perfumes made with synthetic ingredients to meet the supply and demand.
They do not have the same effect.

We focus on lavender for now,
since it is such a sweet all in one natural oil
And point at some others as well

More skin care?

Natural perfumes made with  extracts from plants, trees, leaves, flowers, roots, ... and turned into fragrant oils.

Thank you for reading, comments and shares! 😀

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6 thoughts on “Natural perfume brands”

  1. It’s good to know that natural perfumes created with essentials oils have a longer shelf life.  I’m all for natural products rather than those that have preservatives and additives which diminish their effect in the long run.Did you know that lavender is used to keep away annoying insects and mosquitos?  This is a great natural remedy instead of having to use strong chemical lotions and sprays which are harmful to the membranes in the nose and eyes.

  2. Hi Fragrance,Thank you for writing an excellent article about Natural Perfume Brands. I was impressed by reading this article. If I did not read this article I could not find details Natural Perfume Brands. Not seen in the eyes. But it can be felt. That feeling is sour, refreshing here’s the fragrance fun. Let yourself know in person. You will be able to understand it by others – in the breath. The use of perfume is not nowadays. It’s the choice of people since ancient times. Unknowingly, with the exception of his personality, the fragrance coincides with his personality. If you go to the perfume or perfume stores, you will have a smell from a variety of bottled sugars. Lavender is a flower name. Lavender flowers are available from Lavender Essential Oil. These oils have different uses for beauty. These oils can be mixed with other oils for skin or hair. This oil price is a little more expensive. But its benefits are infinite. The odor of lavender oil remains away from the mosquito-borne insect. Apart from this, lavender aromatherapy offers excellent work to reduce period pain. But you know, you can get all the benefits of this lavender Essential Oil Rose? Yes, if you have enough lavender Essential oil all day long, then there will be some wonderful changes in your life. I’ve bookmarked this article and I’ll definitely share it with my friends.

    1. Dear friend,

      You are so right, lavender is a miraculous plant. My absolute favorite too.

      Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom with us.

      Wishing you a blessed day


  3. I love putting on perfume. Maybe because my husband appreciate it any time I put it on. Perfume with sweet odour can purify ones day with good luck. Yes, that’s my believe….lols. Many perfume created this days are pyrated with fake ones. Because the fake one is affordable, people tend to go for the fake one than the original one. Because of this reason, many good perfume have fold up. 
    Perfume with natural oil is amazing. Apart from the nice odour, it can repell insect and serve other good purpose l. I have people that are using it. I also want to start using the natural perfume. Only that I have not gotten my favorite odour. 

    1. Dear Angel

      Perfume is very personal. And a fragrance that goes with one, does not go with another… so it takes some time to discover your own palette as the say. And yes, all modern synthetic is focused on smoke as they say.

      This is how you test a perfume:

      – The head‘ first 15 minutes

      – The body: after 15 minutes

      – The tail: next day

      The three have to be ok. If not, do not use. 

      Best is to test on your inner wrist. It allows you to test on allergy also. If your skin turns red and iches, wash with water. 

      Never buy a perfume after 15 minutes. You,will,regret. Same goes for colognes… see how yous skin reacts for at least  24 hours.

      If you apply those simple rules, you wIll soon find your favorite one that matches your skin and skin composition. Know that o er the years, sole perfumes that went well in youth, do no longer fit in old age. 

      A good perfume is not one that smashes your surrounding, but one that is subtile…

      Good luck!


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