Chinese new year gifts

Chinese new year gifts

Chinese new yer gifts

This year
We celebrate
The Year of the rat

A happy New year
And celebrating the Spring Festival
With our Chinese readers





The red envelopes for kids
Money to anchor the year

The most important rule of all:

no arguments, crying, bickering or fights.
It’ll bring bad luck and ruin the mood.

This year we celebrate
With the first sign
Of the Chinese Zodiac

The rat!

the Earthly Branch
the midnight hours

Symbol of wealth and surplus
Clever, quick thinkers and successful
content living a quiet and peaceful life.

And… very fertile !

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Holiday Cheers

The beauty of an eyebrow


The beauty of an eyebrow

The lines
The shades

On fleek

No mascara
No paste


At its best
Needs no hype

And yet

The beauty
Of make up

Well done

A painting

An eyelid

Its mystery
Its beauty

Shopping tip

The beauty of gemstones

The beauty of gemstones

Use the right jewels

Gemstones are fashion
They are in

colorful stones
polished rocks
precisely cut
become jewelry

Minerals of rare value
Semi precious stones
used for therapeutic
And aesthetic purposes

Identify the stones

Their chemical composition
Luster and hardness
Fracture and cleavage

Their specific hardness
Dispersion and gravity
Refractive index

Classifications are many
Varieties, Species and groups
Cubic, trigonal or monoclinic crystals

The most valuable gemstones?

The diamond
Emerald, ruby,
Opal and sapphire

Size matters too

Shopping tip


The beauty of gemstones
Colorful faceted gemstone collection sitting on rocks.

Christmas make-up looks

Christmas make-up looks

Capture the Light!

Christmas is a family gathering
A time for warmth, family and home

A celebration for all people
of good will


A classic Christmas make-up tutorial

Easy day to night Christmas make-up by Danielle Mansutti

A special gift

Enjoy this video by mib

Happy holydays!

Shop tips

Black Friday opportunities

Black Friday shopping

Black Friday opportunities

Each year,
Black friday offers huge discounts
and several opportunities
for the attentive reader and shopper!

A day you better prepare by knowing what is on.

Just a handful of opportunities
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Handbags and shoes

Kitchen and housewares

Automotive and accessories

Shopping days!

Black Friday shopping
Happy hunting!

Black Friday history

black friday history

Black Friday history

Known today as a big discount day after thanksgiving, many stories can be related to Black Friday.

History starts to paint a dark spot in that tradition where it refers to the big financial crash in the thirties. Banks and stores went bankrupt due to the devaluation of money and the crash of the US gold market.

In the fifties it was related to retailers of Philadelphia. The sales after thanksgiving. The discounts and the chaos it created! The best day of the year since companies used to record losses in red and profits in black!

Today, the one-day sales bonanza morphed into a four-day event with more “retail holidays” : Small Business Saturday or Sunday and Cyber Monday.

A feast for all. For retailers, shops and customers.

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