About Melissa

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Hello. It is very nice to meet you. I am Melissa. If you are wondering about who I am, or even why I am here, I would love to tell you a little more.

Me In A Nut Shell

I am very glad you got the chance to come visit with me and learn a little more about me. So who am I? Well first and foremost I am a mother. Yep I have kids. The nice part is I have my own kids, but also have many other children that also claim me as mom.

That leads me to the next part I think you should know about me, I am a helper. What I mean by this is I always try to help others out when ever I possibly can. A lot of these kids that have accepted me didn’t come from such good homes, so they knew if they came to my house they would be safe, have food, electricity, water and love. With that being said I honestly can not tell you how many kids I have, but it is a lot.

Now as far as how I got here, well you see, I have always had a job until here recently. Suddenly one day the place I was employed at decided to close their doors with very little notice. So I started searching the internet looking for jobs and more so I was looking for a job that I could do from home.

Well that is when I came across Wealthy Affiliate. Now I am not going to go into a bunch of details here, but basically this place was willing to help me learn how to build my own websites. Not only how to build them but help me out along the way. So I joined and now have 2 websites of my own.

However, as far as this particular site goes, this is not my website. But I am doing this to help someone out.

As I am sure you can see from reading above, I have a good heart and I am good person. But I thought I would also let you know, I am very strong and have been put through a lot of tests in my life. I am also a very determined person. If I want to make something happen there is very little that can stand in my way to make that happen.

So there is me in a nut shell. I try my hardest to accomplish everything I set my mind too. But I also make sure to remember I am not the only person in this world that needs help from time to time.

Helping Others Is A Blessing

As I mentioned earlier, this particular site for me is to help a fellow friend out. She has created a wonderful site full of ways to help people and I am honored to be a part of this. I am trying very hard to tune into her love for lavender and all the ways it can benefit people.

Lavender is a great natural ingredient. And I hope to help teach the many ways it can be used like relaxation, better sleep and even things like helping with headaches. This one little plant can do so much. And if I can help people understand how great it is and how much it can help people in their everyday lives, then I have done my job.

This world is full of different things to learn. And if I can be a part of helping to teach people about something then that means I have done something good for someone else and that is a blessing within itself.

What I Want For This Site

As I am sure you understand by now this site was built by someone else and I am here to help her out with it. She is a wonderful and kind soul. I want to be able to help her out in her time of need. And in doing so I want to make sure I am providing information that she herself would be proud to have on her site.

So I am here simply to assist her in helping others to learn how to have a more calm and relaxing life, how to find inner peace and leave the stress behind. As well as showing others how to use lavender as a health benefit as well. So what I want for this site is to help others and help her help others. Basically enlighten anyone and everyone we can about lavender and all the ways it can be very helpful in everyone’s life.

So if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


©️ Melissa Hazlett

About Fragrance

Daily lavender oil solutions

About Fragrance

What can I tell about me?

Knowledge starts with self
And as long as we do not aknowledge that
We live in illusion

My favorite garden is a wild garden
Like The garden of Beatrice Potter
Where nature is guided in its originality

And one of my favorite herbs is lavender
Its fragrance known all over the world
Soothing, apeasing, healing…

It does not take much
To be happy
To feel happy

Since happiness is ours
No matter what happens

All the best,

Daily Lavender Oil Solutions

Daily Lavender oil solutions
Simply the best!

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Let us go for small changes
In our homes, gardens and kitchens

About Cathy

daily lavender oil solutions

Hi Everyone,  Massage is my passion and lavender oil is a tool I used to enhance a sense of calm and peace in my clients.

A Brief Story About My Massage Life

I enjoy helping people relax. Over the years my health issues grew and I noticed a continual problem that affected my clients. Realizing that many folks have time concerns and struggle with the costs of weekly massages I took action and made a career change.
Daily lavender oil solution
Since I used lavender oil in my practice and saw the positive impact it had on my massage clients I focused on this direction. This gave birth to a new path where I could still meet the health and wellness needs of most folks.

My goal to promote lavender oil was born and is my way to make a difference in the lives of people.

Touch Is The Essence In Which Our Hearts Are Conveyed

My objective is I care about meeting the health and wellness needs of people. I believe the beauty of this versatile is truly amazing because it gives a sense of calm and peace in most folks.

Its sweet scent can fill your day with relaxation and wonder when added into cleaning products for the home or in your cloths. It is cost effective and time efficient and can be used anywhere.

Lavender oil is simply the best all in one oil. This my way to touch the lives of people and make a contribution that brings relaxation to the world.
Daily lavender oil solutions

They Say If You Have Your Health, You’ve Got It All

No one can put a price on living with a sense of calm and peace. My goal is to ease your mind, so you can succeed and experience the calm and peace that lavender oil gives to you.

My promise to you is to help anyone learn to relax and enjoy life through the daily use of lavender oil. I hope that lavender oil exceeds your expectations, so you can live a happy and fulfilled life.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,