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Home and garden

Home and garden. A place called yours and that of your beloved ones. It takes time and efforts to make it cosy
Chopwa – Home and garden

Home and garden

Home and garden
Need a lot of attention

And cleaning

And design

All at your taste
And great prices

Save the trees also!

Your flags

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Sansi led lightening

Safe, Fast and Free Shipping to the United States within 3-5 business days!

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Decoration for home and garden

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Kitchen and housewares

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Cell phones and accessories

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Chopwa - Home and garden
My  cup of tea! And yours?
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16 thoughts on “Home and garden”

  1. One of the exhibition platforms that has made (and constantly does) our world beaitiful is that on this blog; where various products and of course services, can be interfaced and publicised on the global scene. Imagine if a world where every need is just a click away. Nothing brings more satisfaction than this. In achieving this, chopwa is a very good option to consider. I therefore have no hesitation recommending it.

  2. These are amazing with unbeatable prices. I have wanted to upgrade my garden and I was wondering where to get a one stop store to get them all. I realised most home and garden products on amazon are of relatively low price. Can you recommend any other online store where I can get similar products? Thanks for the information shared.

    1. Hi Olanike,

      Amazon is unbeatable when it comes to price and service. Best is to compare similar products and to look at the reviews given by customers. Most resellers have their own websites too, with more products. I hope this helps a little. 

      Thank you for your kind comment

  3. hi Chopwa, it is a reallynice opportunity to know about your website, and I am always glad to Chop that Wah, it is very interesting cause I have never regretted buying anything from your website, I have already bookmarked your website for more products. because I really love bargains and I count this as an opportunity.

  4. Hi Chopwa

    Thank you very much for sharing such an informative article.I like this article very much. I have learned something new and educative from this article.I will share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can benefit from this.                  

  5. Thank you so much to the author who has written down this kind of such a beneficial article.  This article opened my mind to the fact that our home and garden needs alot of attention. The products you have reviewed has enourmous benefits which made me fall for them. Thanks for the eye opener

  6. I see the advertisements, but there is not much in the way of descriptions. Is this intentional?As an advertisement page or a series of advertisement pages it looks good. There are plenty of advertisements to catch the eye. However, I looked at some of the other pages and there is more of the same thing… plenty of advertisements, but no significant text to make this different from one of Amazon’s pages. Try to grab people’s interest. Why are these particular home and garden offerings better than others, or why should I purchase these items shown? How does the content relate to your niche? Is Amazon better than another supplier of home and garden items?Keep working on this. You will get better.

    1. Hi John… That sounds like a feedback. Thank you.

      My site is a shop site with some reviews. One like the old retailer behind the corner, with a choice of products and some advertising. No more. Also a choice of Amazon products around a specific topic. Since Amazon is unbeaten when it comes to price and service. 

      Some products require a review indeed. And shopping with Amazon gives you a broad choice of reviews by customers. The real story. Just looking around you will find great and unexpected bargains. And looking around is the best way to find out… 

      Have a great day

  7. Hello Chopwa,An unprecedented page indeed! I have never seen such a great co-existence of products and services. According to the choice, just click on the link, WoW. I’m really excited. A small but effective review. Thank you so much for your informative and wonderful review. There is a request for more such reviews. I’ll bookmark this page as well.Best Regards,Rgpratap.

    1. Hi,

      Short and crisp is my motto… And when looking around on the marketplace, it is our own research that counts isn’t it! I am glad you liked the choice of links and suggestions…

      Thank you for your kind appreciation

      Have a wonderful day

  8. Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to put this information together. Spring is here and I’m just getting my patio and outdoor space cleaned up. I was looking for some good deals on furniture and things to put outside. I’m definitely going to include a flag too but do you know if anyone sells a Bermuda flag? That’s where I’m from and I want to fly it with and American one.

    1. Hi there! Spring is in the air indeed. Glad you liked the suggestions… and for the flag : wow the Bermuda’s ! Try this one for a change : bermuda flags

      Hope you find your like!

      Take care. Thank you for your kind comment

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