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Eye problems and injuries

Eye problems and injuries

Take care of your eyes!

Eye problems occur more often than thought.
Some warning and solutions to avoid injury are imperative

Kind of injuries

Every year a great number of people get eye injuries.
Some by accident others by abusive use of chemicals and others by intensive screen watching.

Their solutions

Most of the accidents can be avoided with the use of safety eyewear .
And many others can be prevented by following the safety instructions of household products. Too many are still using them in the wrong way with terrible consequences.

Some tips for indoors

– Read the safety rules carefully. Every product has its own.
– Wear chemical safety gloves.
– Do NOT rub your eyes after working with chemicals .
– Wash your hands carefully after handling poison or chemicals and know that some products are a bad match with water.
– Be careful with children around.
– Cover your mouth and nose and use safety glasses with hazardous solvents.
– Store your products in a safe place out of reach of children and heat.
– Work in optimal circumstances with enough light and aeration.
– Be careful when opening taps and vans
– Guard your power equipment
– Be attentive with frying oils in the kitchen, they spurt out. Wear glasses.

Some tips for outdoors

– Do not look into the sun
– Use sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays
– Wear protective eyewear while playing sports or performing outdoor recreational activities
– Be careful with fireworks and experimental science labs
– When aging eyedrops might help your dry eyes

Eye problems and injuries. Problems and causes are many. Take care of your eyes before it is too late
Take care of your eyes

Beware of cvs (computer vision syndrome)

With the incresed use of computers, tablets and mobiles, more and more people are getting eye strains. Youngsters and young adults are most vulnerable.

The symptoms are:
– red and watery eyes for youngsters
– dry eyes for eldery people
– problems with focus
– aching and tired eyelids
– eye muscle spasm
– backache and headache
– Pain above the eyebrows and ear regions

If so do some eye exercise every ten minutes and give some rest in between by closing your eyes. Shield your eyes from blue rays when looking at tv or computer,screens regularly. Focus objects at fifferent distance for several seconds and rotate your eyes slowly in all directions. Give ample rest to the eyes. Glasses with UV shield protect you from computer screen. Keep distance from the monitor.

Extra tips for lens wearers and users of cosmetics

Be careful with the use of cosmetics. Adverse reactions are injury, eye irritation, allergy, dryness, infection, and lens deposition.

– By hypoallergenic cosmetics and especially the non-scented variety, manufactured by big brand names.
– Wash your applicator brushes for cosmetics regularly and do not use them for other purpose.
– Mascara and eye shadows which are glittery, pearlized, frosted should be avoided. They contain ground tinsel or oister shell!
– Never apply eyeliner on the inner lid edge.
– Loose powder should also be avoided.
– Do not apply cream near the eyes.
– Always wash hands while handling contact lens.
– Do not wash your face with contact lens on

Prevention is the best advice.
Be careful. Your eyes are precious.
Nothing can replace them.

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Take care of YOUR EYES!

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10 thoughts on “Eye problems and injuries”

  1. HiEnjoyed your clear and straight to the point explanation.I need to look at computer screens for long hours and I believe many of us are doing that whether is due to job or hobbly.Other than suggestions provided in the website as listed. Do you have any product to recommend to help if the eyesight is already impacted?Thank you.Warmest RegardsMarc Ho

    1. Thank you Mark. 

      Make sure to wear glasses that protect you from blue light. 

      Know that some devices, like ipad have an option to lock off the blue light.

      Eye drops are great to water your eyes in time also.

      Hope this helps a little.

      In case of visual problems, make sure to visit a doctor without delay


  2. Hi, Almond.Thanks for the article on eye problems and injuries . We do not consider eye issues much unless they really become headache or non-tolerable. Computer Vision Syndrom is the most common neglected area.Your list of outdoor and indoor tips to avoid eye accident and tips for lens wearer are very useful and I have copied them for my future reference in emergency.Warm Regards,Gaurav Gaur

  3. Very interesting to read about the various eye problems and injuries, their causes and alternatives that could serve as solutions. Ignorance and laissezfair attitude often leads to causing eye problems. The tips you have given up here are really helpful and I will be more than willing to share this out to more people. Thanks

  4. Wow, this is a really important post here.  The eye as we all know is one of the most delicate parts of the body. My mum  say a human eye cannot be bought in the market so we should be careful with it. The computer syndrome might be the most high rated out there right now. I kind of think that we should learn to be careful. Thank kfully, many laptops and phones plus other gadgets are getting eyecare feature where blue colours become reduced. Of didn’t know cosmetics are also really harmful. Thank you for adding akk this tips. I’ll be sure to put them in mind.

  5. Thank you for sharing this information. I know what you mean about computer vision. I use f. Lux to help reduce the blue light and sometimes I also use blue blocking lenses. I have that display you mentioned and it is excellent. It is very high quality and has a great refresh rate. I can tell it is much easier on my eyes compared to older monitors that I sometimes use. If you want to take care of your eyes then that is the way to go.

    1. Hi Chuck, thank you for sharing your experience and information with us. We can not stress enough how important it is to protect our eyes feom artificial lights


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