The shape of your face

Know your type!


The shape
Of your face

Not just eyebrows
Nor eyes
Your face too

Seek harmony
In forms
And shapes

And beauty
Will translate
On fleek!

Video Tutorials

Shapes of a face

What eyebrows say about you

A beauty mask for all

My Organic Zone Dead Sea Mud Mask

And more…

The shape of your face
Know your type
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2 Replies to “The shape of your face”

  1. Eyebrows are very important indeed. I grew up and graduated without ever doing anything with them, but after graduating I finally started to get self conscious about them and I wanted them to look better. You’re right that face shape is relevant, and this was written in an enjoyable way 🙂

    1. Hi… thank you for telling me!  

      Eyebrows are VERY important … they are like the roof together with our hair… many want to change their eyebrows instead of enhancing them… they are our trade mark… some times it just needs a tiny bit…


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