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How to make soap

How to make soap? You need some ingredients, prudence and a method. Remember it is a chemical process that needs care and attention.
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Be careful with chemical processes.

How to make soap

Long ago my dad offered me a chemical box
And one of the tricks you could do
Was make your own soap

Wow, that sounded exciting

Being in an experimental mood
I remember the boiler exploded in my face
Because I did not read the manual

So… you better be warned
This is not for kids

The basics

Making soap is a chemical reaction.
You need some ingredients and a method.

The ingredients.

You need oil (or fat) and lye.

First the oil. You can use palm oil, coconut oil, soybean oil and even cocoa butter. Let us take several cups for each type and fill with oil or butter.

Then the lye. Make sure to have it all ready and put it in different cups.

Add fragrance and color.

The methods

There are different ways to make soap.
And each method has its own fans.

The easiest one is the Melt and Pour process. Melt pre-made blocks of soap and add your own fragrance. Lavender officinalis in our case .

The most common method is the Cold Process. Soap is made from scratch with oils and lye.

Then the hot process (the one I used in my experiment as a kid) were the ingredients are heated … Just beware it is a chemical and thus dangerous process. Make sure to protect your eyes when using this method. And… follow the order of instructions… uh!

And finally, the Rebatching. A method where bars of soap are grinded with milk or water, and re-blended.

Sounds easy, no?


How to make soap
How to make soap, a course

Combine lye water and oils, eventually you can replace water with milk and use some natural oils and colorants on top of it. Use one of the four methods at your convenience.

For those who are really hooked, I suggest you follow a course with the hot method.

The Hot Soap Making course is a Complete Guide. Unlike The More Traditional Way Of Making Handmade Soap, This Is A Faster, Easier And More Predictable Way To Make Soap. The course includes 60+ Photos with 6 Bonuses Including Video.

Good to know

What is saponification ?

A video

How to make soap at home


You will find many tutorials and recipes on the net.

the natural soap book

To your success!

Thank you for sharing your links and other methods or recipes

©️ Fragrance

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10 thoughts on “How to make soap”

  1. Thanks for writing a short and easy way to understand recipe to make soap. I personally have no reason to make my own soap but my daughters would love to know how to do this. I will forward your website to them and let them have a go at making their own soap. Thanks for writing and sgaring your article with the masses.

    1. Welcome! Making soap is as fun as baking your own breas… after a while it be omes an addiction and an business
      Good luck to your daugter (follow order and proportions is the message here)!

      Thank you

  2. Very interesting. I had no idea that this was the way that soap was made. You basically only need less than 6 ingredients which is really easy to obtain. My questions here are: does this method works for everyone, kids, the elderly? When you stated that you can add some colorant, you meant food colorant? And also, how effective is this process? 

    1. Like with all things it is a process of learning by doing… trial and error…
      Colorents come in many ways… best use organic indeed, or none

      It is trully fun to do with kids (best give it a first try without them)
      And go for small portions first… write down proportions 

      Wash wash wash


  3. Wow..never knew soaps making would be this easy to make, it could be abit risky considering the various chemicals used in it’s making or production I would say but it’s quite fun to make. When you make something gives you some form of comfort and knowledge. Not that you can’t afford it but making it is fun.i will look forward to get these chemical around me, this lockdown on covid-19 gives is room to actually learn to make certain things and soap will definitely be one for me

  4. This is a great post and surely one that I find very insightful and helpful. To be honest, seeing such way to make soap is another great way if one can successfully monetize it. It would be a way to boost the level of income too. I like the book guide you have share here and thanks so much to you. Thumbs up

  5. Wow, I am very to see this post that you shared here. Since this lockdown, I have been looking for ways to learn new stuff about the household. Making soap is one of them and as I have heard, it can be a very lucrative business. I will make sure I remember the point you gave me here about the kids and the chemical. I would like to get that book you shared here. Thanks!

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