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Almond eye make-up

Almond eyey make-up, day and night smokey eyes. Some tips and hints. Know your brows
Two different types of popular makeup smokey eyes. Brown and black smokey with shading. Evening and day makeup

Almond eye make-up

Almond eyes

As early as 4000 BC
Men and women
Used eye make-up

Gods and statues
All were adorned
With cosmetics

Eye lashes
Eye lids
Eye brows

They used
Black kohl
Green malachite
Red ochre

Not only did they
Make up their eyes
Also their face
Hair and nails


For health
For protection

Tutorial Videos shared on the web

Cleopatra’s make-up

Egyptian make-up tutorial


Almond eyes makeup on fleek!

The almond eye was seen as one of the marks of Egyptian and Greek beauty. Perfect aesthetics.

The make-up of an almond eye has its particular shades and colors. You better know how to use them. Be warned, if not used correctly this make-up will have a desastrous effect on your look. We are not all born Cleopatra. But we have the potential to look gorgious with the right make-up.

Remember the eybrow is the final touch of art… some rules and examples of do it yourself.

Beautiful almond shape eye makeup

Define almond eyes

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If you do not have almond shaped eyes, do not worry.

We’ll cover all the shapes one by one. It will soon be your turn!

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