The beauty of an eyebrow

The beauty of an eyebrow

The lines
The shades

On fleek

No mascara
No paste


At its best
Needs no hype

And yet

The beauty
Of make up

Well done

A painting

An eyelid

Its mystery
Its beauty

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4 Replies to “The beauty of an eyebrow”

  1. Wow another great article of links! I love reading your stuff, the passion really shines through in your writing! Consider me a fan!
    I gotta say I truly respect the artistry! But I must say it’s also sexy when a woman can swag off in the world without make-up.
    That’s my two cents. Thanks again for this! I will keep an eye out for your future stuff!

    1. hi Nik, 

      Glad you are hooked… And yes, nature is magnificient without artifices… 

      I like the cosmic paintings, not the uh… cosmetics… yuk … and most of the time: no,stuff on my face.

      Thank you for passing by…

  2. Most of my life, when it comes to beauty, I have taken eyebrows for granted. I didn’t realize how they can really affect your entire look and make you look more polished even when you are not wearing any make up at all.

    At the same time, I am pretty terrible at doing my brows, especially coloring them in. I look forward to reading your advice and learning how to get my eyebrows on fleek!

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for your kind comment

      some eyebrows need no polish, natural beauties… 

      and just like you,  i am intrigued by the art and beauty of make up 

      Have fleeky days!

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