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The fragrance of lavender

The fragrance of lavender

Scent of our skins
Scent of earth

Its warmth
Its mystery

A universal plant

All loved
All known

Its use


For the JOY
of all

© mlaure

The fragrance of lavender. Fragrance is a wonderdul medium. It carries a message... that is often picked up
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2 thoughts on “The fragrance of lavender”

  1. The fragrance of lavender is indeed a unique experience and can not be compared with all the sick making artificial fragrance that is used in cosmetics and soaps.

    Many of them use the word lavender.

    It is trully fake advertisement.. and should be forbidden by law.

    1. You are so right Almond!
      So many fake oils in circulation. Thank you for warning us.
      Stay tuned, I will soon post some great and trustwrthy providers of lavender products!

      All the best

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Fragrance Of the World

Fragrance Of the World

Hi, my name is Fragrance. Fragrance of lavender is the most delicate natural aroma since antiquity. Time to discover its qualities and daily solutions with daily lavender oil solutions!View Author posts

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